4 Teeth Straightening Options to Improve Your Smile

4 Teeth Straightening Options to Improve Your Smile
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01 December 2023

The health of teeth is essential for cosmetics and medical reasons. It improves one’s smile and appearance. Moreover, straightening teeth issues related with jaw alignment, pain, and dental decay arised from spaces between teeth and from misalignment. In order to correct the misaligned and broken teeth and visit the dentist in this regard, you might have a lot of questions. Types of teeth straightening options is one of them. 

Regarding this we took insights from AK Global Dent. It is a dental clinic renowned for top class dental experts and affordable orthodontic treatment Cost in Gurgaon. So, keep reading, we will give you the rundown on four different teeth-straightening treatments.

Orthodontic Treatment for Teeth Strengthening 

Orthodontics is a stream which addresses the dental irregularities and corrects it. To do so, different types of teeth strengthening devices are used placed around the crooked and misaligned teeths. Four most popular type of teeth strengthening orthodontic devices are as follows: 

  • Metal Braces

Metal braces are also known as traditional braces. These teeth supporters made of metal correct the shape of teeth. These braces need efficacy, precise dietary and dental hygiene practices along with regular visits to orthodontists for readjusting the braces according to new teeth shape. 

  • Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces, which are less noticeable than regular braces, are a popular choice among adults and older teens looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smile. You can get ceramic braces with clear or tooth-colored brackets, and you can even get wires that match your teeth's color if you choose. Ceramic braces are just as effective as metal braces, but they are less noticeable and take just as long to straighten teeth.

  • Self Ligating Braces

These are one of the traditional braces which address the crooked teeth, space between teeth, bad bite, and correct them. In this method, brackets are used to be attached with teeth and metal made wire usually called archwired keep the all brackets connected. It makes a slight push on the crooked and misshapen tooth. The pressure on the tooth makes it align. It is a gradual process hence candidates need to be under the guidance of an orthodontist to keep that pressure intact until denture comes into the correct shape. 

  • Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have gained huge popularity in recent years. These custom-made, clear trays are nearly unnoticeable when worn and provide a comfortable alternative to standard braces. These aligners utilise gentle, controlled pressure to gradually reposition teeth into their ideal positions. They give the convenience of being detachable, allowing for easy washing and the chance to enjoy food without limits. Clear aligners are a wonderful solution for adults and teens seeking a discreet and flexible teeth straightening option. After completing the clear aligner treatment, retainers are commonly given to maintain the acquired results and prevent any moving of teeth. 

To know more about orthodontic treatment you are advised to visit a skilled dentist. AK Global Dent is  one of the best committed dental care clinics renowned for traditional braces to invisalign in Gurgaon. To avail of the benefits and to learn what type of braces will suit you best, book a consultation with the expert dentist at AK Global Dent. 

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