4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Ceramic Coating For Tesla Model Y:

4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Ceramic Coating For Tesla Model Y:
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Owning a Tesla is a matter of pride for any car owner. Naturally, you would want to preserve the new luster and shine of your Tesla till the very last day. Ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y is your best bet if you are looking for a comprehensive solution. The nano-ceramic technology used in this particular protective auto covering keeps your Tesla Model Y safe from external elements like road debris, UV rays of the sun, and other chemical toxins. The scratch-resistant properties of the ceramic coating make maintenance much easier and is a highly cost-effective alternative. However, there are certain factors that can affect the cost of the ceramic coating for the Tesla Model Y. 

The Size Of The Car: 

Since the ceramic coating is applied over the entire exterior body of the Tesla, the surface area plays a crucial role in the overall expenses. The bigger the car, the higher the costs will be. Besides, it takes more time to apply a ceramic coating on a larger vehicle than on a smaller one. This means that from the business perspective, more resources are required for the former which relates to higher costs. As you can already guess, this can increase the prices considerably. Thankfully, the ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y has a straightforward service rate to make it easier for the clients. 

The Shape Of The Vehicle: 

The shape of the Tesla is another factor that affects the cost of the ceramic coating. Though the structure of the vehicle is not as important as that in the case of wax or vehicle wraps as it is in the case of ceramic coatings, the prices still vary. Curved edges could be more difficult to coat than sharper ones due to bends. The ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y is applied in the liquid state which allows it to spread smoothly and evenly covering the entire surface. 

The Condition Of The Car: 

One of the many reasons why industry experts always urge you to get a ceramic coating for the Tesla Model Y when it is in mint condition is because of the damage it can sustain. Once the original paint gets chipped or scratched, you will have to opt for paint correction before applying the nano-ceramic coating. If the OMR paint has sustained severe damage then you might even have to repent the entire exterior of the Tesla. The costs in this case can be pretty expensive since your car will need multiple services. 

The Deal You Choose: 

There are several advantageous deals in the market when it comes to ceramic coating for the Tesla Model Y. The 5-year ceramic Pro Tesla Model coating package covers wheel faces and the window shield along with ceramic coating on the car exterior. On the other hand, if you are looking for some specific service like Ceramic Pro Rain Glass coating, you have Standalone services as well. 

Investing in ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y is worth every penny. So get your hands on the best deals now!


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