3 Solar Panel Accessories You Need to Know About

3 Solar Panel Accessories You Need to Know About

By investing in solar panels, we can take a step towards a sustainable future. It not only helps us to save money but also contributes towards a healthier planet. However, to get the most out of solar panels, it is essential to maximise the use of renewable energy. One way to do this is to incorporate solar accessories into your installation to help you use your surplus energy. These smart devices can significantly enhance the financial benefits of your solar PV system.  

If you are considering installing solar panels, consult local solar panel installers and check out the top-performing solar panel accessories and PV upgrades to save more on energy bills. 

Solar Battery Storage 

Solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, thanks to their ability to store excess energy generated by solar panels. Some people even ask solar panel installers to install batteries without solar panels. And it's no wonder why - installing a battery has plenty of benefits, like protection against power cuts and the ability to charge your battery during off-peak hours. Plus, with solar and storage, you can meet up to 90% of your annual electricity demand and reduce your reliance on the Grid.  

So, a solar battery is the way to go if you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Remember that retrofitting a battery to an existing installation will incur a 20% VAT charge. However, installing solar panels with a battery can benefit from a current 0% VAT on solar panels. 

Solar Car Charger 

Did you know that installing a home EV Charger can also help you charge your electric vehicle with clean, green energy? By investing in a solar-compatible EV charger, you can use your home charging point to power up your car. This benefits the environment and saves you up to £600 a year. Plus, you can charge your car during off-peak hours using tariffs. It's a smart long-term investment that pays off in multiple ways. 

Bird Protection 

While it's great to have abundant sunshine, birds nesting underneath solar panels can cause trouble and even damage your system. Skilled solar panel installers in Essex can help you install solar Panel bird-proofing solutions like wired mesh or a solar skirt to prevent this. Doing this during the initial installation is more cost-effective as you don't have to pay extra fees later. Protect your solar panels from the start and keep your system bird-free! 

Conclusion: Solar Accessories to Maximise Your Savings 

If you are a homeowner or business owner in the UK looking to install a solar panel system, it’s high time to invest. Take advantage of avant-garde solar panels and top-notch solar accessories to maximise your savings!  Leading solar panel installers Essex provides new panel installation as well as retrofitting services in and around London and Essex, including battery storage, EV charger, and bird-proofing. Contact the best local solar panel installation company today to learn more about solar power upgrades and start saving! 

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