10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Ruby Wedding Band

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A ruby wedding band has so much to offer that you can’t disparage it in any way. It has got a ravishing color, an astonishing sturdiness, and a lot more than you can get in other wedding bands. No doubt wedding bands created with ruby are in fashion nowadays. The credit for the popularity and appeal of these bands undoubtedly goes to ruby, the famous gemstone that is also known as the ‘king of the gemstones’. Ruby is a sight for sore eyes because of its charming ruddy color and a series of other striking aspects. Let’s take a look at the 10 reasons why you should choose a ruby wedding band.

A Sight To Behold

Ruby wedding rings are aesthetically pleasing jewelry pieces that can pique the interest of everyone around. What makes these jewelry pieces aesthetically pleasing and sought-after is their satisfying shades of red. Red is one of the most romantic colors that seem just about perfect for such a significant piece of jewelry.

a ruby wedding band

Offers Compatibility Like Nothing Else Does

The second main reason why you should choose a ruby wedding ring is because of the level of compatibility it offers. A ruby wedding ring can be worn with almost any type of jewelry piece, no matter with which color gemstone the ring is adorned. This provides you with the liberty to effortlessly flaunt your unique style.


Suits Both Men & Women

Ruby wedding rings are exceptionally popular among both men and women. That’s because the luxurious red color of ruby wedding bands represents both feminine and masculine characteristics. You’ve often heard red as a feminine color because it highlights their beauty grandly. Similarly, the red color also suits the confidence and style of men.


A Modern Take

Diamond and sapphire have been dominating the trends when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Moreover, wedding bands used to be minimalist silver bands a decade ago. Therefore, a ruby wedding ring is a modern take on wedding rings. It’s also because of this inclination that the demand for ruby wedding bands has increased in the last few years.


Delightful Inclusions

Because ruby endows some delightful inclusions, these don’t have a negative effect on the value of the stone. Instead, these inclusions add to the overall appearance of the gem. Rutile silk inclusions are a very fine example of such inclusions. These inclusions add softness to the color of ruby, making ruby wedding bands a hit.


Strong Pleochroism

Another factor that puts ruby wedding bands on top of others in superiority and popularity is the strong pleochroism of ruby. The color of a pleochroic gemstone varies when viewed from different angles in different lighting conditions. Ruby’s purplish red/orangey red pleochroism plays a vital role in the gemstone’s journey of becoming the number one wedding band stone.


Symbolism That Captures Imagination

The symbolism of the ruby gemstone has a series of associations. However, ruby has its most significant association with wealth and success. Ruby is known as a stone for success. So, if you want a wedding band that perfectly manifests your love while clearing the way for your success then you need to invest in a ruby wedding band.


Enduring Piece Of Stunner

Ruby offers a considerable level of endurance to its wearer. It’s a sturdy piece of beauty that can last a lifetime. And because wedding bands need to be chosen based on not only allure but endurance, more and more people pick ruby wedding bands.

a ruby wedding band

Association With Royalty

Throughout history, ruby has received the love of royalty and celebrity. England’s late Queen Elizabeth’s collection of ruby jewelry is widely known in the world. Moreover, many ladies started wearing ruby gemstone jewelry when celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid, and many more showed interest in this gemstone. Ruby’s association with royalty makes it a perfect stone for your wedding band.


The Styling Advantage

Ruby wedding bands can be styled with numerous outfits of your choice. Be it your formal dresses, casual clothes, or even party-wear, the fashionable sophistication of a ruby wedding band allows the wearer to style it with any garb from your wardrobe.



Being the beautiful and lovely couple that you are, you ought to celebrate your togetherness with ruby wedding rings.

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