10 futuristic robots that you can buy today

10 futuristic robots that you can buy today
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10 futuristic robots that you can buy today

Having grown up subjected to science-fiction movies from across the decades, it once seemed it would be well past our lifetimes before we started seeing robots enter our lives to make things easier, for companionship, or for helping us fly our spaceships.

However, humanity is currently in the early stages of this concept becoming a reality. Okay, maybe not the spaceship part, but there are still plenty of cool robots available today that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Today, we’re going to explore the top ten robots available this year!

#1 – Sony Aibo

To kickstart our list, we’ve chosen the Sony Aibo, perhaps one of the most popular home robots available today and renowned all over the world. This is the latest edition of the robotic dog form that has been popular for years and is used as companionship for the family and entertainment purposes.

#2 – Aido

A crowdfunded robotics project, Aido is a smart and friendly home robot. This awesome home-bot can make its way around your house, comes with projector eyes for displaying your favorite movies, plays your favorite songs and makes a welcome addition to any home.

#3 – Kuri Mayfield Robotics

Kuri was unveiled at the CES 2017 trade show and is one of the best robots currently for displaying things like awareness, seamless mobility and has a distinctive and unique personality. If you’ve seen movie characters like Wall-E, this is the closest you can currently get. With built-in 1080p cameras, you’ll never miss capturing those special moments.

We were super excited about this robot but as of July 2018, Mayfield Robotics has ceased development of Kuri. 

#4 – Aristotle

This is renowned for being the first Amazon Echo-styled robot for children and is designed with smart camera features and even comes with a handy light bulb. While this is not a mobile Aido Robot, it’s full of personality and characters your children are going to love.

“Aristotle is manufactured by Mattel, one of the leading developers of child-friendly products. While the device has received some criticisms for its features and development, projects like this are needed when it comes to innovation of technology. If you don’t try, you’ll never know” shares Matthew Day, a home blogger for WriteMYX and 1Day2Write.

Unfortunately as promising as it sounded, Aristotle has been canceled due to privacy concerns. 

#5 – 4M Tin Can Robot

Easily the most affordable robot on this list, the 4M tin can is a great way to step into the world of robotics and see for yourself how one is developed and made. This kit allows you to build your own robot using a simple metal soda can, which makes for a truly interesting and engaging project.

For More Info :- Ingen Dynamics.

#6 – Roomba 980

Perhaps one of the most iconic home robots in all the world, the Roomba self-controlled vacuum cleaner was first released all the way back in 2002, and it’s still keeping homes around the world clean and free from dirt and mess.

Although the bot has been in operation for nearly two decades, it wasn’t until 2016 this latest model was released and was renowned by critics as being the best yet.

#7 – Robotic Arm Edge

While industrial-styled robots have been around for years, thanks to modern-day technology, these machines and designs are getting so much more advanced than they’ve ever been.

With this particular model, you can program the robotic arm to carry out all kinds of activities and processes, and it’s a great way to teach your children about mechanics and engineering.

Read Also :- Arshad Hisham.

#8 – Sphero Ollie

Manufactured by the designers at Orbotix, this simple cylindrical robot is controlled by the app on your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The Sphero Ollie is designed for hours of racing fun and can flip, spin and drive. There are even built-in lights to drive at night!

“The chances are that we’ll see more and more robots designed for young adults and children over the coming years, especially ones that can be remote-controlled from smartphones and tablets. We could probably expect to see a mixture of remote controlled and self-controlled ones in the near-future” shares Tom Bullock, a blog writer from Origin Writings.

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We also tested out Sphero’s BB-8 robot when it was released and were impressed by its simplicity and how well it actually worked. 

#9 – WowWee Coder MiP

Standing at 8-inches tall, the WowWee robot is a humanoid-style robot that’s ideal for all members of the family, especially those who have always wanted to control their own robot. This particular model is balanced on two wheels and is controlled by the dedicated mobile app, as well as playing games against each other.

#10 – Vobot

While Vobot isn’t a mobile robot that can move on its own, it’s still a great addition to any household, especially those wanting an optimal and refreshing amount of sleep. This robot works thanks to the built-in Amazon Alexa technology which gives you access to all the smart-home functions you’d expect.

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Then, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use this standalone robot to help you sleep to your full potential using soothing sounds, white noise, and customized smart alarms to get you up on time.

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