iPhone 14 Pro - This Is Going To Be WEIRD
We\'re less than a week away from the Apple keynote for the iPhone 14. All this while we were under the impression that Apple will finally switch from a notch to an i-shaped cutout. Turns out that isn\'...

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Nothing Phone 1 - This Just Got WEIRD!
There\'s a bit of hype surrounding the new  phone from Nothing called Nothing phone 1,   similar to how there used to be hype for OnePlus  phones back in the day. Now we don\'t see m...

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - FIRST REAL LOOK At The Crease
 Samsung\'s Galaxy Z Fold lineup has come a  long way in the few years they’ve been around.   There’s a real, tangible novelty to the  ways in which they differ fro...

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