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Automotive Software Development: A Comprehensive Guide

The entire automotive industry is now at the forefront of technological innovations. A massive surge in market value emphasizes its impact. According to the statistics, the global automotive market size was valued at $34.16 bn in 2023, and it&rsquo...

Marie Christie · 17 June · 1

Data Science: Model Evaluation and Validation

Model evaluation, using techniques like Cross-Validation, measure a model’s effectiveness. Model validation, through processes such as Hyperparameter Tuning, ensures that the model performs well on unseen data. These steps are important in...

anish feather · 15 May · 2

Data Science: Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis uses statistical and visualization techniques like histograms and correlation analysis to explore patterns and trends, helping to understand the data before applying more advanced methods, ultimately leading to informed...

anish feather · 11 May · 1