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Easy-to-use Computer Software Tracking for Universities

LabStats' computer software tracking program offers real-time insight into more than 200 popular applications. Designed for universities and higher education institutions, our software lets you monitor software usage, license compliances, active and idle time, and the most used software in your environment. The LabStats computer softwar...

labstats · 15 September 2023 · 3

Maximizing Software Utilization With LabStats' Computer Software Tracking

 Lab management efficiency is critical in institutions of higher education today. In light of constrained resources & escalating demands, it is critical to optimize the utilization of computer lab resources in order to ensure that both students & faculty have a seamless learning experience. Productivity gains are among the primary advantages...

labstats · 14 January · 3

Optimize IT Resources with LabStats

Higher education institutions find themselves amid ever changing market dynamics and emerging technology. Now, they have an industry-leading tool to monitor software and hardware usage across their environment. With LabStats hardware and software tra...

labstats · 1 week ago · 2