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RTX 4000 graphics cards: Nvidia, who are you kidding?

Nvidia once again misleads buyers with the RTX-4000 series - an expression of aggressive corporate culture that has characterized the GPU pioneer for years. Hooray, the RTX 4000 graphics card series is announced, finally more performance for gamers...

Kevin · 1 year ago · 31

Tips for Choosing a Reliable and Trustworthy Hardware and Component Distributors

The demand for high-quality hardware and components has never been higher. Choosing the correct distributor is critical to your success, whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, or individual trying to purchase dependable hardware and components. Fin...

Looking Distributors · 2 days ago · 1

Behind the Scenes: Understanding Computer Power Supplies

Computer power supplies might seem like uninteresting boxes, but they serve as the lifeblood of any computer system. Their primary function is simple: convert power from the wall outlet into a form that various computer parts can use. Still, the proc...

Kashif Mughal · 4 weeks ago · 4