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Why EVERY Food Handler Might To Receive Food Safety Training

since it matters most to know that food services are safe for consumption, food safety training should be provided to every person who handles food. Unsafe food handling procedures can have serious repercussions, such as outbreaks of food-borne illne...

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Top 6 Key Benefits of Food Safety and Hygiene Training at an Organization

Food safety is a vital topic for everyone to comprehend, especially when working in an organization. Understanding and implementing the fundamentals of food safety is critical for the health of both personnel and employers. In this post, we'll go ove...

Punyam Academy · 09 August 2023 · 4

Importance of Food Safety and Hygiene at Workplace

Food is necessary for survival; hence food safety is a fundamental human right. Billions of people worldwide are at risk of consuming contaminated food. Every year, millions of people become ill, and hundreds of thousands die. The food chain extends...

Punyam Academy · 18 July 2023 · 4