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Tips for Coping with Job Loss and Uncertainty

In the wake of sudden job loss and the ensuing uncertainty, couples often find themselves grappling with many emotions and challenges. Financial strain, feelings of inadequacy, and shifts in daily routines can strain even the most vital relationships...

Hargan Psychology · 14 February · 5

The Benefits of Online Couples Therapy

Over the past one decade, online and virtual health practices have become common place. The virtual trend was further pushed to mainstream after the pandemic. We are confined to the corners of our homes, still we had access to everything, from the yoga classes, gym, to entertainment, partying with friends, and even healthcare. Along with other typ...

Ishbelstraker · 19 October 2023 · 1

Developing Coping Skills For You Daily Life

Life is harsh on all of us, and when it throws difficult situations at us, we become overwhelm. Some of us would develop some coping skills over a period that help them navigate through the odds of this life. Out of various coping skills and tools that we must develop, one is learning coping skills and mechanisms. Plenty of strategies are availabl...

Ishbelstraker · 19 September 2023 · 1