Yoga for Elderly-You Can Do It Your Entire Life

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The practice of yoga for elderly, or senior yoga, is a modified form of yoga that caters specifically to the needs of older individuals. Physical and mental well-being are promoted through gentle, low-impact movements and breathing exercises.

In yoga poses for the elderly, props such as chairs or blocks may be used to make the poses more accessible and safe. Exercises that involve breathing, meditation, and relaxation may also be included.

Two major factors to consider as we age is muscle atrophy and inflammation, both lead to chronic illness and poor health over time. Yoga helps to counter the effects of aging and is especially beneficial for the elderly as it improves muscle mass as bone density decreases, it improves coordination to prevent injury from fall risk, and enhances fitness in a low-impact manner to safely promote heart health.

Yoga can offer a variety of Benefits for elderly people, Including:

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Increased strength and balance
  • Reduced pain and stiffness:
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being

Loneliness is another affliction pronounced in the aging population, with nuclear families many elderly members of society live on their own and struggle finding a purpose in their last phase of life. Private yoga programs helps them to revive their feeling of connection, to their teacher and also with themselves, investing in self care brings meaning back to their activity and with many committing to 3 classes per week provides a routine for them to look forward to. With each class, working on a different aspect of their practice from twisting poses to stretching to balancing, strengthening and calming we ensure we start with something there is a natural inclination towards, this gives them motivation and encouragement to continue and explore their other capabilities, the feeling of achievement at this age, where they can see their efforts result in an improvement brings great joy within and a blossoming of their personality.

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