Yandex Email Backup in 7 Easy Steps with Attachments

Yandex Email Backup in 7 Easy Steps with Attachments

It appears that you are looking for a way to backup Yandex's email to a hard drive. And that is the reason you are on this page right now.

It is our responsibility to let you know there is no manual method available for the same. Nevertheless, you can set up Yandex mail in Outlook and then archive all of your data. But not everyone can use this strategy. This method has many difficulties that present many obstacles for users to overcome when using it.

Yandex Email Backup in 7 Easy Steps with Attachments

We have developed a direct approach, taking into consideration various factors and the general requirements of end users. This strategy makes use of a program called the Yandex Backup tool. It is a hassle-free, independent, and direct way to archive Yandex mail data. The use of this method allows you to save Yandex emails with attachments to your hard drive without the need for Outlook or any other intermediary software. You will learn more about this strategy, but let's first look at the straightforward 7-step process for backing up Yandex mailboxes.

How to Easily Back Up Your Yandex Email?

The following steps will walk you through how to archive Yandex mail to a hard disk:

  • Download and install the WholeClear Yandex Backup Software on your computer. Launch the application right away to start the process after that.

Yandex Email Backup in 7 Easy Steps with Attachments

  • Scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen and choose the Yandex option.
  • Fill out the fields with your Yandex mail tenant credentials. Click the Login button after that.
  • The procedure to backup Yandex emails now moves into its second phase. The Yandex mail folders whose messages you want to backup must be chosen in this. If you want to select every folder, simply select "Yandex" from the checkboxes.
  • Place the cursor over "Select Saving Option" and select an option from the drop-down menu. Choose the Yandex backup file's file format. You may select any of your preferred options. For instance, we are choosing the PDF option in this instance.
  • Next, specify the location where you want to archive the Yandex mail file once it has been processed.
  • To begin the Yandex email backup process, click the "Backup" button.

Once you have successfully completed the process of backing up your Yandex email without any issues. The solution promises that throughout the process, data integrity will be maintained. There won't be any instances of data loss or leakage of the sort while processing Yandex messages.

Problems with the Manual Method

The majority of people advise configuring your Yandex .mail account in Outlook as the only manual method. But before using this remedy, the following queries must be addressed:

  • What if the person is unfamiliar with Microsoft Outlook?
  • Is this solution applicable if MS Outlook is not available?
  • Will the integrity of the data be maintained throughout the process?

In addition to all of these queries, the one that immediately springs to mind is, What other file formats are available for Outlook to archive Yandex mail in addition to PST? The answer is PST, which is MS Outlook's sole file format available for saving Yandex emails to the hard drive.

Business users may have different needs for Yandex email backup than regular users. Even just using the PST option is insufficient to meet their minimum requirements. When receiving Yandex messages with attachments, users occasionally ask for the PDF option.

In light of the aforementioned information, we concluded that the manual approach is ineffective for archiving Yandex mail. As a result, we advise readers to choose the Yandex Backup tool. It resolves every issue that the manual method had. And there are no dependencies to worry about when running it.

Important Features of the Yandex Backup Program

We presume that up to this point, you may have formed a favorable opinion of our suggested course of action. However, in order to aid you in making your choice, we have listed some of the key characteristics:

  • A straightforward and self-explanatory user interface makes up the solution.
  • It offers a number of options to change the backup's default settings.
  • Yandex email can be backed up on a computer in more than ten different file formats.
  • Email processing is done without compromising the integrity of the attachment.
  • The Yandex backup file that results maintains the correct folder structure.


In this article, we described a risk-free method for backing up Yandex email. By downloading the trial version of the product, you can independently test this solution. The program's official website also offers a free download of this edition of the software. For testing purposes, this version contains all features. The free edition's only restriction is that it can only export a few emails from each folder in Yandex mail. After that, once you're happy with how it works, you can buy the application's full license. This makes it possible for you to easily and without any limitations save Yandex emails and their attachments to your hard drive.

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