Why Is Spotify Worth More Than Apple Music?

Why Is Spotify Worth More Than Apple Music?
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25 January 2023

As one of the biggest music streaming platforms in the world, Spotify has a huge net worth. Its net worth has surpassed that of Apple Music, making it the most valuable music streaming service on the market. This begs the question: why is Spotify worth more than Apple Music? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Spotify's success and how it became the go-to platform for music streaming.

Spotify Has a Larger User Base

Spotify has a larger user base than Apple Music, which makes it more appealing to music streaming users. Spotify reported 248 million active users in the first quarter of 2020 and an additional 144 million Premium subscribers. This number is significantly higher than the 60 million active users and 40 million paying subscribers reported by Apple Music.
The larger user base translates into greater annual revenue for Spotify. According to Spotify's 2020 Annual Report, the company generated over 6.9 billion euros in annual revenue, representing a 20% growth from 2019. The increased revenue comes as a result of more people subscribing to their services. As more people sign up for Spotify, the more revenue they will make and continue to outpace competitors like Apple Music.

Spotify has More Active Users

One of the major reasons why Spotify is worth more than Apple Music is because it has a larger and more active user base. According to Statista, as of December 2020, Spotify had 345 million monthly active users compared to Apple Music's 68 million. This makes Spotify's active user base almost five times larger than Apple Music’s.
It’s also important to note that not only does Spotify have more active users, but they are also more engaged. As of 2019, Spotify reported that users streamed around 217 billion minutes of music every month. This number keeps increasing and is one of the main drivers of Spotify’s annual revenue. Since Spotify has a larger user base and more active users, this provides an opportunity for companies to advertise and help increase Spotify’s revenue.

Spotify is more Engaging

Spotify has become a popular music streaming platform thanks to its wide selection of music, intuitive user interface, and engaging features. Spotify engages its users with personalized playlists, artist and album recommendations, and other interactive features that keep people coming back for more. Spotify also has a wide range of podcasts, which have further helped to draw users in. The streaming platform also has a large and active user base, with over 300 million active users and 144 million premium subscribers.
Another reason why Spotify is more engaging than Apple Music is because of its focus on analytics and user data. With access to this data, Spotify can customize its content and marketing campaigns to better suit the needs of its users. This focus on analytics has led to a larger customer base and annual revenue of $7.44 billion in 2020, as compared to Apple Music's $2.42 billion in 2019.

Spotify is More Profitable

Spotify’s financial success speaks for itself. In 2019, the company reported annual revenue of over $7 billion. With over 217 million users worldwide, Spotify’s success is powered by its paying subscribers. It has achieved this by offering exclusive content and discounts to paying subscribers. This focus on customer loyalty has enabled it to grow faster than its competitors.
The music streaming giant is also creating more opportunities for artists to monetize their music. Through its direct partnerships with music labels, Spotify has created a lucrative environment for independent artists and producers to make money from their music. Additionally, the company has opened up more opportunities for artists to sell merchandise through its platform, making it even more profitable.
Overall, Spotify’s annual revenue speaks volumes about its success and profitability. With more than 217 million users worldwide, it is clear that Spotify is the leading music streaming service in the industry. As long as it continues to innovate and create new ways for musicians to monetize their work, its success is sure to continue.
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