Where To Get The Best Men’s Top Online

Where To Get The Best Men’s Top Online
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Men's clothing used to be a sad business, with only a few outrageously priced bespoke tailors and small sections in department stores. Now, menswear may be at the top of the fashion world. Affordable startups are putting a new spin on basics like T-shirts and workout shorts, big-name stores are putting real effort into their men's tops collection, and designers are making bold, adventurous statement pieces that are worth our hard-earned money. Buy a reasonable men’s top at a discounted price by using the Legends Discount Code in your shopping.

But there is so much men's clothing out there that it can be hard to know where to start. We've put together a list of some of the best online clothing stores for men to make things easier for you. These stores sell everything from men’s tops to suits to sneakers.

Best Online Stores For Men’s Top Shopping 

To find the best online clothing stores for men, we just looked back at what we've bought in the past. Our editors buy menswear from both cheap online clothing stores and online designer shops, so we went through our past purchases and put together a list of the best online clothing stores for men that we keep going back to.

Rye 51

Rye 51 is a brand to pay attention to for more than just its high-quality clothes and classic styles. The brand was made to "fill the void for a well-curated, timeless collection of quality casual menswear" with a focus on bringing its customers clothes that are made with great craftsmanship and comfort while using the most luxurious fabrics. It's fun to shop at Rye 51, and they're proud of how well they treat their customers. Personal stylists will do everything they can to help you look your best.

Clutch Cafe

Your style is a way to show who you are and how you want to be seen as they have a great style of men’s top collection. If you want to do all of your shopping in one place, Clutch Cafe is a great choice. It sells a wide range of brands, clothing, and accessories. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it was started by Atsushi Matsushima, who is the Chief Editor of Clutch Magazine in Japan. The goal was to bring Japanese brands and street-style clothes to people in the UK. You can buy things online or in the store in London.


Style is a brand based in New York that aims to last as long as possible while making as little of an impact as possible. They have made a variety of men's clothes, including the popular Vanta Pants, stylish blazers, comfortable knits, weatherproof jackets, and dress shirts with unusual cuts. They focus on high performance and low maintenance by using fabrics from Italy and Japan that are both eco-friendly and new. It's made to last and looks good enough to wear every day. You can also use the Hook & Albert Coupon Code if you like saving on men’s leather bags!

Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni makes timeless pieces that men all over the world can add to their wardrobes. Only the best natural Italian fabrics, like silk-cashmere from Cariaggi and pique from a historic Veneto Mill, are used in the designs by the Italian designer. When these fabrics are worked on by skilled artisans, they become stylish men’s tops for men who like slow fashion that doesn't skimp on quality. Each sweater, t-shirt, pair of pants, shirt, or jacket is made to last and is of high quality.


Baltzar is an online store that was started by London and Malmo. Both of them have worked hard to combine the best of traditional stores with the ease of online shopping. Because Baltzar is a real place, it can offer services like Made-to-measure and Trunk shows that aren't available anywhere else. The stores also serve as service centers for returns, fittings, and pick-ups.

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