When Must Hair Loss Be Considered Serious

When Must Hair Loss Be Considered Serious
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The three phases of hair growth are the growing, resting, and transition periods. It is possible to lose 120–160 hair strands every day under typical conditions. Excessive hair loss may be a sign of a problem with the scalp, which may exhibit itching, redness, flaking, and pus as well as other symptoms. Visit a hair loss specialist in Melbourne city if you encounter any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Variety of factors that can cause hair thinning which can eventually lead you to a hair loss specialist in Melbourne.

Physical Features

Thyroid issues, specifically overactive or redundant thyroid glands, can result in hair loss. It can also be brought on by allergic reactions, a skin condition that already exists and interferes with hair development, or a scalp infection that may be bacterial or viral. These may halt growth and result in significant hair loss. After the root causes are found and addressed, hair growth might gradually return to normal.

Hair loss may be exacerbated by some medications and dietary supplements.

These may include cholesterol medications, vitamins-containing acne medications, cancer medications, immunotherapy medications, medications for arthritis, stress medications, and specific kinds of hypertension medications. Over-consumption of vitamins that your body doesn't need might also result in hair loss. Once these medications or vitamin supplements are stopped being consumed, normal hair growth (and loss) can frequently be restored.

Does stress affect hair loss?

Undoubtedly, our hair can sense how we are feeling emotionally.

Physical stress, such as trauma, injury, using specific hair products, chemically coloring hair, perming, or straightening the hair, can all cause stress to the hair. Long-distance travel and excessive exercise can also be causes of hair loss.

A significant contributing factor to chronic hair loss is emotional stress, such as worry, which can be challenging to treat. It's possible that many people are directly affecting their hair without even realizing it. loss This is a typical behavior in stressed-out kids and teenagers. This "pulling" can harm the scalp permanently and is challenging to heal.

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