What to Prioritise when Deciding & How Often You Should Cycle?

What to Prioritise when Deciding & How Often You Should Cycle?
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Professional cyclists have the ability to cycle for hours and cover miles on a daily basis. Even if the weather conditions get extreme, riding their bike is all they enjoy doing. However, if you are planning to add cycling to your weekly routine, it is crucial to know the cycling frequency. There’s no need to rush when you begin your riding journey. Keeping things simple and easy is the key.

It’s not that you have to have a brand-new bike; you can even use a functional second hand bikes in cape town if you are serious about achieving your fitness goals. There is no one-size training plan that is fitting for everyone. What works for you may not prove beneficial for another cyclist. So, a perfect plan must be tailored to your lifestyle and several performance-oriented factors.

Here’s what you should prioritise to know the cycling frequency you need to follow.

Prime Objectives

The reason why you want to add cycling to your routine has to be clear to you. You can see the coveted results when you actually set your main objectives. Many ride bikes for recreation, commuting or improving physical and mental health. You need not ride as many days as a competitive cyclist do if you know your goals. A casual cyclist runs, swims and exercises, besides cycling weekly.

Be Available

It is of paramount importance for a new cyclist to remain available on days scheduled for cycling. You should not skip riding your bike and do other things during the period that you have already decided to devote to cycling. You have to be more steadfast if you are really interested in taking your fitness level a notch above only by cycling weekly. 

Level of Fitness

Your cycling frequency on a weekly basis will depend immensely on your level of fitness. It is obvious that your training volume will be more if your current fitness level is higher. Buy one of the best 2nd hand mountain bikes for sale from a top-rated online store and go on short rides in the first few weeks. Resting and allowing your body to re-energise can help you keep injuries at bay while you practice cycling.

Strength Training

Devoting more quality time to perform strength training is essential if you want to ride your bike for miles without any discomfort. Even if it is not the ideal season for cycling competition, avid cyclists focus on building strength and stamina in the off-season. A fluid schedule when the temperature varies depending on changing seasons compels cyclists to ride less in harsh weather. 

Overall Health Condition

You must take your overall health into account, as it has a great impact on the frequency of cycling every week. Ride for ten to fifteen minutes only if your health condition is not good, or you have existing injuries. Consult a physician to understand whether you should cycle if you have a specific health issue and what the duration should be every week.  

It is prudent if you buy a functional 29er MTB for sale from a well-known online store before you begin your journey of cycling. You must prioritise all the above-mentioned factors to be clear about your cycling frequency. 

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