What To Keep In Mind About Using Tail Breakers?

What To Keep In Mind About Using Tail Breakers?
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Tail breakers, also known as "perpendicular compaction," are a type of soil compaction technique used to increase the amount of water stored in a given area. In some cases, it can even store water in large amounts.

The idea is to place a trench around the area where the tail breaker will be made. The trench is filled with gravel, sand, or another loose bulk material such as soil or rocks. The material creates a surface area that slopes in one direction away from the trench and eventually rises into a tail breaker at the end of it. Water will run down this slope and flow into the bottom of your ditch, where it sits until you use it.

Advantages of Tail Breaker

  1. The key advantage of using Tail Breaker is that they allow for storing large amounts of water over long periods. If you have ever dug a hole or trench in your yard, you know how easy it is to get water flowing and pooling at the bottom. The same principle applies here, and even more so. 
  2. These are incredibly easy to create. All you need is the right equipment, which you can get at your local gardening store. You must dig a trench and fill it with gravel, sand, or whatever bulk material you wish. This process is generally easier than digging a hole and can be done with greater ease of movement.
  3. Tail Breaker Ditches also provide a small camouflage effect. Digging a ditch is generally done as an act of digging a ditch. Not many people will be losing sleep over the fact that you have just cut a ditch through your yard, but when you combine the act of digging with another purpose, such as tail breaking, it makes it look more natural and less obvious what you are doing. That can help prevent unwanted attention from nosy neighbors or even unwanted visits by police or other authorities.

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It may be hard to believe, but there are many great benefits of using Tail Breakers in your yard. While they provide a way to hide the fact that you might be hiding the water from view, they do so in a completely natural and easy-to-use way.

You can leave water in the open for days, and no one will bat an eye about it. However, if you create a ditch with the same effect and include it in your yard, you can store water for years without any issues.


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