What Should i Do If i Have a Faulty & Broken Electricity Meter Box?

What Should i Do If i Have a Faulty & Broken Electricity Meter Box?
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Having a broken and faulty meter box can be dangerous and costly. A high electricity bill is the biggest sign of a faulty and broken electricity meter box. Before connecting to the energy supplier, check whether any significant changes to your lifestyle have impacted your electricity consumption.

What steps should I follow?

If you are still suspecting a rise in electricity bills, you can go through the below steps to verify the issues.

Step 1: Start with the simple tests


Switch off all the appliances and inspect if the numbers on the meter are still moving or not. You might need to wait for one hour to record the readings. 


If the meter numbers have stopped moving, start switching on the appliances once at a time. If any of the appliances trigger the meter box to run quickly, it means there is an internal fault in that appliance.


If the meter box is still running after you switched off all the appliances, it is faulty and broken.

Step 2: Contact the electricity supplier

You must connect with the electricity supplier because they can diagnose if there is any potential fault. Sometimes, they might want to send an engineer for the investigation. If you request that the test be conducted, be aware that some electricity suppliers will charge up. 

Step 3: Protect the electricity meter

It’s necessary to keep the meter in good condition and protected. The strong, durable and water-resistance meter box is always recommended. Once the electricity meter has been changed, you must see that a suitable meter box must protect the electrical meter.

If you want to install a brand new meter box, connect with the Meterbox Lock team.

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