What Is the Purpose of the IP Address?

What Is the Purpose of the IP Address?
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24 December 2022

What Is the IP Address?

It is said that the IP address is a private IP address. Four numerical values are separated by dots to form an IP address. Examples of legitimate IP addresses are,,, and

The IP address is incorrect because it contains five numbers: 192, 168, 1, and 1. You may have previously detected this. The most common scenario is that should not have the last number value; instead, it should be

Every IP address, including, is used to identify devices on a computer NETGEAR router login. However, a certain class of computer network known as a local network uses this IP address to recognize sensors attached to it.

Purpose of the IP Address?

The IP address, or more precisely, is used to identify a device in a private network. Network nodes are frequently seen in business, home, and even office settings. They let gadgets to interact with one another even when they are not connected to the web.

Imagine that you are the owner of a small firm and that you want to allow all of your employees to print papers from a single printer. The printing may have a public IP address and be accessible through the internet (perhaps with a password), but it would pose a significant security concern and is not recommended.

Giving the printer an exclusive IP address such that only computers on the same network may access it is a far better choice. However, routerlogin.net rather than printers commonly utilise the IP address All routers include a web interface that allows you to alter preset modes more or less readily, and you may reach it using IP addresses like,, or

You should be aware that since we're discussing private IP addresses, you can only access a router's web interface if your computer is connected to the same network as the NETGEAR router login. Additionally, you must know the proper username and password combination in order to proceed past the initial login box.

When using the IP address to access a router:

  • Use an Ethernet wire to connect your laptop or computer to the network. Occasionally, a wifi connection suffices, but don't rely on it.
  • Go to in a web browser once it is open.
  • A NETGEAR router setup window prompting you to enter the default admin username and password should be available in your web browser.
  • You should now be able to browse the router's web browser in its entirety, given that you were able to log in NETGEAR Genie Download.

NOTES: Check the following to identify the issue if you have problems connecting to the IP address:

Status of the router: Your NETGEAR Modem Router setup has to be switched on and completely started up in order to access the IP address. Check the LED status symbols on your router since they usually indicate if it is functioning properly.

IP address: It's not exactly simple to remember the IP address, and it doesn't take much to input it incorrectly. For example, is mistaken for 192.168. l. 1, which can cause the results to be displayed incorrectly or not to display the results. When copying and pasting the address into the address bar of your browser, bear in mind that the final two components should be the numeral "1" rather than the minuscule "L.".

Connection: The IP address is often not reachable through WiFi. Instead, you must use an Ethernet cable to make a direct connection to your router. It doesn't matter which Ethernet port you use-- as long as it's not the WAN port, which serves as the uplink to the web-- on the majority of NETGEAR WiFi extender setup.


The IP address is invalid. The correct value is, a private IP address that many networks use to distinguish themselves on computer networks. You may use the web interface of the associated router and make changes by going to this Internet address. Private IP addresses, like, are fundamentally more secure than public IP addresses since they cannot be accessed from the internet.

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