What Is The Difference Between A Drum And Toner?

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What Is The Difference Between A Drum And Toner?

While the benefits and differences might not be obvious initially between a toner and a drum in a HP Officejet pro 7740 , you will know the ways in which they are distinct, it will allow you to understand the maintenance and replacement of these consumables.

The majority of modern  printers like hp Officejet pro 7740  have drums as well as the toner and some even house the drum and the toner within one unit. Some manufacturers keep the two parts separated.

The advantage of this is the ability to replace each component separately if your toner is depleted or the drum unit gets damaged. If, however, the parts are kept in a unit and one needs replacement, the entire unit is going to require replacement.

How Do They Work?

The drum unit transfers toner onto the paper. It's an aluminium cylindrical cylinder that has an image-sensitive coating. When you press print, the drum's surface is charged and the laser then scans images onto its surface. The drum turns, and pulls ink from the cartridge in order to create the image. It is either directly rolled onto paper that is slipping beneath or a belt that is charged, which allows the image and lays it on the paper later and then, finally, through the fuser , which will bake the image on the paper.

Manufacturers have different names for the drum , for example Photoconductor Unit, Imaging Drum and Print Unit.

The majority of the time, a cartridge is made up of a powder which is then glued onto the page to produce the print. The drum is contained in the same cartridge with the toner.


For the purpose of the replacement of these consumables the combined drum units and cartridges for toner will be more costly than the individual cartridges of toner like you'd imagine however it won't cost more than one drum unit.

Individual drum units typically outlast between two and three toner cartridges. This means that if components are separate, it is possible to change the toner and not have to upgrade the drum every time it's not required. However, if the drum unit requires replacement, this comes at a higher cost than replacing the combined unit. When you get into the cost range you'll see that drum units along with cartridges are separated from each other so that you don't have to spend money on replacing individual components.


There are significant differences between a drum and a toner, tha above mentioned information highlights the same.

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