What is slam tourism?

What is slam tourism?
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What is slam tourism?

Where and how only tourists around the world do not travel. Travel and event agencies are increasingly thinking about the question of how to diversify the rest of their clients as much as possible in their travels. Usually, they resort to the use of the so-called extreme types of tourism: rafting on mountain rivers, snowmobiling on the ice of a frozen lake, and horseback riding in the mountains. But relatively recently, such a concept as "slam" appeared in everyday life - which means "slum" in English, although slam tourism is still something other than just a trip to the poorest quarters of the world's cities.


Favela is the Portuguese name for the poorest areas of Brazilian metropolitan areas. There is no developed infrastructure, or sewerage, but in excess, there is a high level of crime. According to official statistics, about 65 million Brazilians (35% of the state's population) currently live in favelas.

Most of the inhabitants of the favelas fall in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In percentage terms, Belen is the leader among the favelas. There are also favelas in the capital of Brazil.

In Rio de Janeiro, tourists have wanted to see the favelas since the early nineties. As a result of frequent excursions by "strangers", the local population has become accustomed to the company of slam tourists, and the number of attacks on them is also slightly reduced. In such areas, it has become popular to sell various relaxing herbs to "whites", ie The service market here is growing and developing rapidly!


It was only two years ago that slam tourism became commonplace in Bombay's poorest slums. Now here excursions take place three times a day and cost tourists eight dollars. This amount of money is impressive for the locals. The slums of Bombay are considered the largest not only in India but throughout Asia, which is probably why Bombay is the deserved capital of crime in India.

The slums of Bombay are smells, sounds, touches, and sights. From all sides, you will be surrounded by crowds of homeless children who will beg for alms and at the same time shout in unison, pull you by your clothes or bag, and even pinch your hands painfully. On the streets of the city, there are huge blockages of dirty plastic bags. People in the slums live in cardboard boxes.

Often such tourist trips are similar to mobile observation posts. For example, in the capital of India, Delhi, for only five dollars, you can observe the behavior of juvenile homeless children at the railway station for two hours. What is the purpose of such excursions? It is difficult to find the answer, but there are enough people who want to see it. Disadvantages Of Slum Tourism

Pros and cons of traveling around Asia. part 2

Leisure benefits.

1. Warm, clean, and friendly sea. Sea water is almost equal to air temperature. For many, this is a definite plus. In Cambodia, marine reptiles are almost never found in the sea. Yes, sometimes there are jellyfish, but for sea snakes to crawl along the beach, as, for example, in Arambol, you will not find this. Also, it is worth noting that the sea is usually very calm, there are no crazy waves. beautiful beaches.

2. Great budget accommodation. There are many good and cheap holiday accommodations in Cambodia.

3. Fresh, tasty, and inexpensive food in cafes. For $10 a day in Cambodia, you can eat, as they say, from the belly, and together.

4. Lovely people Very nice, friendly, and helpful people live in Cambodia. Largely. Of course, tourism leaves its mark, sometimes you can meet beggars or attempt tricks, but these are isolated cases.


1. Lots of trash. There is a common saying that it is clean not where they are clean, but where they do not litter. And for Cambodia, it fits perfectly. Despite the fact that the beaches are regularly and very thoroughly cleaned, and people are slowly taught not to spoil where they at least eat, and at the most they also sleep, they cannot boast of the cleanliness of the streets of Cambodia. A little away from the tourist trails and that's it: mountains of garbage, most often plastic or takeaway food boxes, drains clogged, a little rain - immediately a flood, and stuff like that.

2. Terrible roads There are roads in Cambodia, in theory, but in practice, as soon as heavy rain passes, they are gone. Most of the roads are dirt, and the ground in Cambodia is mostly clay, so imagine what happens to clay in the rain. Huge muddy puddles are organized everywhere.

3. Insects and other animals. A large number of harmful insects of all stripes.

4. Lack of taste variety. There are many different cafes in Cambodia for every taste and budget. But the problem is that most use the same set of products and spices. Some do better, some worse. So from a seemingly rich choice, there is absolutely nothing to choose from.

5. Crowds of Chinese Every day there are more and more of them. For the most part, these are not tourists with money, but simple hard workers who work at local construction sites for three kopecks, which later, if there is anything left after beer and food, they spend in Chinese casinos, which also grow like mushrooms after rain.


Pros of living in Thailand

When you fly up to Thailand by plane, even from that distance you can see this riot of colors, juicy bright green. I recall the words of Stepanych from the film "Thai Voyage" that everything is gray at home, but here they are the colors of life. It is impossible to disagree with these words. The eye constantly rejoices at such simple things: a green palm tree, a bright yellow mango, white sand.

1. A huge number of colorful impressions and emotions will be provided to you. Even a trip by tuk-tuk (local taxi) will not leave you indifferent, riding elephants, walking through the real jungle with crossing the river on a bamboo raft, meeting wild monkeys, visiting transvestite shows and much more.

2. A large number of interesting excursions and attractions. This does not mean simple architectural monuments, but all kinds of temple complexes, nature reserves, visiting paradise islands, watching spectacular shows: Alcazar, Tiffany. By the way, interesting trips to neighboring countries, such as Cambodia, are organized from Thailand for several days.

3. Domestic prices are low. Even a tourist with an absolutely small budget will feel very comfortable here. You can have a very tasty meal for 200-300 Baht (this is 200-300 rubles). This is especially true for holidays on the mainland, on the islands prices are slightly higher.

4. They do a wonderful massage in Thailand. By the way, it is not expensive, but massage the legs for 250 Baht, relaxing oil massage 500 Baht, Thai massage 600 Baht. For those who need serious masters of this business, it is worth contacting the center of blind masseurs, they do wonders. My husband after taking the course felt improvements regarding his disease. We ourselves want to go again, repeat the course.

5. Service and hospitality. The Thais have it in their blood. They are so sincerely glad to tourists, they always bow and smile. You feel like someone important, and not just another tourist from Russia. It is not clear how they manage to do this, but communicating with them you become infected with their positive and optimistic attitude.

6. food. Everything can be included in this item: fruits, food in restaurants. Very tasty sushi, fish dishes. About Thai herself, it should be said that she is an amateur, but there are undoubtedly those who remain delighted with her. The bottom line is, you have to try to understand.


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