What Exactly Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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Cosmetic doctors take fat cells from your body using liposuction during a best fat transfer breast augmentation in Los Angeles. Your breasts will then receive an injection of the pure fat cells, expanding the cup size. The hazards of a fat transfer breast augmentation are lower than those of breast implants. To firm up sagging breasts, you could also get a breast lift.

What is breast augmentation using fat transfer?
Translocation of fat Breast augmentation enlarges your breasts by using body fat as a filler. The fat cells in various parts of your body are removed through surgery. The fat cells are then injected into your breasts. The parts of your body that lost fat cells shrink while your breasts grow larger.

Breast augmentation - what is it?
Best fat transfer breast augmentation in Los Angeles is a cosmetic procedure to increase breast size and improve breast shape. This kind of cosmetic surgery aims to alter your appearance.

What breast augmentation techniques are there?
Breast augmentation techniques include:
• Breast augmentation.
• Transfer of fat.

What distinguishes breast reconstruction from breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is for healthy individuals who desire to look better. There is no medical need for it. Breast augmentation techniques include fat transfer and breast implants.

Breast cancer surgery is followed by breast reconstruction. After a mastectomy, it reconstructs either one or both breasts (breast removal). Breast reconstruction requires breast implants, which you must have.

Selecting a breast augmentation technique is an individual choice. If you don't want breast implants but would like slightly larger breasts, you might think about this treatment.

Who shouldn't get a breast augmentation with fat transfer?
Low body fat individuals might not be suitable candidates for fat transfer. More fat cells must be able to be removed by your provider than will be used. That's because some cells pass away as the process progresses. Low body fat individuals could require breast implants instead.
People who smoke, are obese, or go through rapid weight changes may also not be suitable candidates. You should ideally be in good health, smoking free, and able to maintain a healthy weight.

Who conducts breast augmentations using fat transfer?
Breast augmentations using fat transfer are done by cosmetic surgeons. These plastic surgeons are medical professionals with a focus on cosmetic surgeries that improve one's looks.

How does a fat transfer breast augmentation work?
Breast augmentation with fat transfer is an outpatient treatment. You return home that day. You are given general anesthetic so that you can doze off during the procedure.
Your healthcare provider will:
• Removes fat deposits from various parts of your body via liposuction.
• Uses a centrifuge to spin the fat cells in order to purge any contaminants.
• Inject the pure fat cells into the various tissue layers of your breasts using specialized needles.

How long does a breast augmentation using fat transfer last?
A fat transfer breast augmentation produces effects that last a lifetime. The ultimate effects may not be visible for up to six months. The fat cells move into their new locations throughout this period and remain there for life. During the transfer, providers inject more fat cells than necessary because some cells die after the injection.

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