What Dental Procedures Used To Optimize Patient Oral Health?

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05 January 2023

Having one or more broken teeth can be detrimental to one's visual appearance and self-esteem. Utilizing cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry procedures and techniques, Katy dental experts are capable of enhancing a patient's look and fixing damaged teeth.

Here are some of the most common procedures done by a General Dentist Houston to restore broken, split, fractured, or cracked teeth.


Enamels are covered with veneers. The veneer adheres to the enamel with sealant. To avoid the teeth from appearing massive, the dentist will first contour the surface by carefully removing the upper layer. With regular maintenance, they can endure up to 30 years. After placement, patients are recommended to prevent habits like teeth grinding, which might cause them to degrade.

Composite Bonding

Bonding repairs cracked, chipped, gaping, discolored, and malformed teeth. Like veneers, they're durableand hence anesthetized. The enamel is roughened with specific tools and then conditioned. UV light hardens the composite after application. After drying, it's molded and polished to match actual teeth.

Application of Crowns

The most common restorative procedure is crowning. A crown protects and improves the appearance of a chipped tooth. The chipped tooth can't endure chewing without it. Cold drinks also feel sharp. Anesthesia makes the operation painless. Some teeth will be extracted to make way for the crown and avoid bulkiness.

Root Canal

A root canal removes decaying tissue and nerve terminals. Food particles and plaque can enter cracks and disintegrate inside. This procedure prevents gum disorders and infections. A crown is placed after the surgery to prevent the break from widening and repair the tooth if its structure was affected. An enamel sealant prevents infections following treatment.

Use of Dental Implants

If the break goes past the gum line, a dental implant is used. In such a situation, the dentist is compelled to pull the tooth. After extraction, a dental implant resembling a real tooth will be positioned in the space and anchored to the jawbone.

These are the additional procedures performed to enhance a patient's oral health. To avoid a recurrence of the condition, it’s essential to follow the advice provided by the Top dentist in Katy, such as A+ Family Dental, after undergoing any procedure.

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