What crochet accessories should a beginner use?

What crochet accessories should a beginner use?

Creativity is integral for any yarn craft but the right tools and accessories make the crafting journey smooth and enjoyable. After all, you’ll be transforming any humble skein or ball of yarn into a beautiful garment, home décor, or gifts for your loved ones. Crochet is a fun yarn craft that requires crochet hooks, yarn and some accessories. If you are new to crochet and are looking to build your craft collection, we have the list of essential crochet tools you must have to begin. If you are a knitter you might have these already but if not here are all the things you’ll need.

1. Yarn

Of course, crochet requires yarn. And, the more the better. Whether you are practicing the basic stitches or beginning a project, you will need yarn. Yarns are made from different materials, wool and cotton are the most popular fibers, but there are also silk, cashmere, lace and more.  Before you buy any kind of yarn, take your time to do some research on which one works best for your particular project. Your favorite yarn color or type might not suit the hat, scarf, or sweater you want to make.

2. Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks are made from different materials and are available in different sizes. There is also a discussion on inline and tapered hooks which do not actually affect your craft. If you are a beginner you can get single-ended crochet hooks. If you are a knitter and already have some interchangeable circular needles and cords, you can get yourselves Tunisian crochet hooks that can be used with the same cords. If you plan a variety of different projects, it is smart to invest in a crochet hook set with popular sizes that will give you infinite possibilities.

3. Scissors

Scissors are an important accessory no matter whether you knit or crochet, or both. Folding scissors are a convenient option as they can be carried easily in your craft bag. They are also secure from accidental injury to the user.

4. Finishing Needle

A finishing needle is used for both yarn crafts of knitting and crocheting. The needle has a big eye for thread or yarn insertion and weaves in the ends of the yarn in the project. Mostly available in a rounded tip, the needle is used between the stitches and avoid splitting the yarn fiber.

5. Tape Measure

Crocheting and knitting are both incredibly versatile and for that tape measure is essential. You can either design your own project or follow a pattern. Lantern Moon tape measures are charming. Would you not love to have the merino sheep or the sock monkey?

6. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are essential for both crochet and knitting. They are helpful in marking stitches in a row, increases or decreases, as well as the first and last stitches in a given pattern. It is best to always have a pack handy even for the smallest project.

7. Blocking Tools

Any crochet project will always look nicer after the blocking process. After wetting and stretching block your work properly and see your yarn shine.

With these crochet accessories in your project bag, you are all set for a pleasant and rewarding crafting experience.


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