What Are the Different Types of Hookah Charcoal?

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Selecting the right charcoal for your hookah is therefore central to the whole smoking process. Different types of hookah charcoal used can influence the flavour, time and the number of draws a session will take. Since there are many choices, it would be helpful to know which type is ideal for specific situations. For first timers and the regular hookah smokers, there is always that right charcoal that can be chosen from.


What Are the Different Types of Hookah Charcoal?


Quick Light Charcoal

In many cases, many hookah smokers use quick light charcoal due to the convenience of its use. These charcoals also burning fast, normally it take few seconds to use a lighter to ignite the charcoal. These are usually adopted in social situations or when the amount of time that one has is limited.

Pros: Build up quickly as desired, easily portable and useful for brief sessions.

Cons: If not fully ignited, it has a chemical taste; Burns faster than natural charcoal, and is good for high heat.

Natural Coconut Charcoal

Natural coconut charcoal is one of the types which is derived from coconut shell that is compressed. This one is famous for the extra clean, and despite its longevity in the burning process. This kind of charcoal is widely used by hookah lovers since this charcoal does not affect the natural flavors.

Pros: A fire that can sustain for long, clean burning, an environmental fire, and one that generates minimal ash.

Cons: Lighting is rather a slow process, it needs a charcoal burner or stove to do it.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal has recently been developed to have a wide market popularity. Unlike quick light charcoal, it continues to burn longer and makes less ash. This type of charcoal is also eco-friendly, which is very important in the production of the goods that people use daily.

Pros: Long burn time, minimal amounts of ash are left behind, environmental friendly.

Cons: It is harder to light up as compared to the others and may not be as available in certain places.

Wood Charcoal

Natural hardwood is used for making wood charcoal, and it has its own taste. It is not as popular as coconut or bamboo charcoal but smoke shop usa who prefer a natural smoking taste would find it convenient.

Pros: Where it is used: imparts a peculiar taste, and has long-lasting effects, is natural.

Cons: Harder to light and burns more producing more ash.

Finger Charcoal

What Are the Different Types of Hookah Charcoal?

Finger charcoal is also considered to be a type of natural charcoal that has long segments. Because of it, it is convenient to manipulate and put onto the hookah bowl. Finger charcoal is suitable for use in smoking sessions that will last longer without the need for the charcoals to be changed frequently.

Pros: It doesn’t take a long time to heat, is easy to carry, and it gives off heat for a longer time.

Cons: It takes a longer duration to ignite the coiled wire and may also require a special holder.


It is important to choose appropriate types of hookah charcoal, which can definitely improve the smoking process. Every disposable charcoal form, from the light and quick to the coconuts and bamboos, has its benefits. As for charcoals, at Hookah Freak, there is a vast selection of charcoals that might be to your liking.

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