Water Pump factory

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19 April 2023

Water Pump factory Product Information The agriculture diesel engine water pump is equipped with shutdown seal, which is suitable for frequent starting. It adopts optimized hydraulic and structural design to improve the pump efficiency and reduce the power of matching motor. The water pump is beautiful and novel in shape. It uses a power seal device, which is free of wear during operation and is more than 10 times longer than traditional products. The operating cost of the power seal device is low. The operating cost within 10 years is 50% of that of the packing seal and 70% of that of the mechanical seal. The聽agriculture diesel engine water pump has a long service life, can reduce the maintenance cost and time, and can greatly reduce the loss of work delay in peak seasons. The equipment maintenance cycle is longer, up to 400 hours. Its failure rate is low, the average maintenance time and cost are about half of the same type of engine, and the working time is longer. The engine volume of the water pump is smaller than that of similar engines, with large maintenance space and fast maintenance speed. Details Parameter Equipment Our company is specialized in mining equipment, with a professional team of designers to provide one-to-one guidance to solve technical problems Our Factory Package and Delivery We have many years of export experience, customers all over the world Our CertificationWater Pump factory website:http://www.z-locomotives.com/water-pump/

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