Waistcoat for men

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25 June 2023

Waist coat for men: Elevate Your Looks With Hussaini Textile:

The waistcoat is a sleeveless straight button-strip elegant outfit that is very famous all over the world, especially in south Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Different countries love different styles of waistcoat for men, like in Pakistan and India, where people love to wear bandhgala waistcoat,  in Afghanistan, people like to wear a waistcoat with no collar; and in Europe and America, people like to wear a waistcoat with a V-neck. Style and fabrics are the major keys to a good waistcoat for men. If we talk about style, quality, and elegance, Hussaini Textile is one of the best brands among them all. They use high-quality fabrics and tailor your desired waistcoat as you want.

Colours Of Waistcoats:

The black waistcoat has been the most popular and famous colour waistcoat since the old period. People used to wear this colour waistcoat with contrasting silver buttons, which gave a stunning look to their outfit. There are some other famous colours for waistcoats for men, like off-white, turquoise blue, maroon, navy blue, and beige, which are very popular among men.

Styles Of Waistcoats For Men:

If we talk about styles, then we have several styles of waistcoats for men, like:

  • Jawahar-cut style
  • V-neck style
  • Punch-pocket style
  • Silk-back style

Jawahar cut style:

Jawahar cut-style waist coat belongs especially to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first prime minister of the new India. This style is also called a collar waistcoat. This has a full vertical opening front button strip style.

V-neck waist coat style:

The V-neck or V-gala waist coat style is for men and women, but the only difference is the fabric and fitting style. A v-neck waist coat style is usually worn inside the three-piece suit, but some people wear it without the three pieces. This style is way different from the Jawaharcut style because of its V-neck style and the daman style as well.

Punch-pocket style waist coat:

This style of waistcoat has a different style of pocket called a punch pocket. This punch pocket can be plain or have embroidery on the edges. We can apply this style of pocket to every style of waistcoat.

Silk-back style waist coat:

This style consists of a silk satin back and an adjustable belt on the back. Silk back waist coat style is usually used inside the three-piece suit, but people like it without the three-piece suit as well.

Fabrics That Hussaini Textile Use:

Hussaini Textile has been making this attire specially for men for years, and they have many more options of fabrics on which they make waistcoats for you, like jamawar fabric, silk fabric, atlas fabric, banarsi fabric, suiting fabric, velvet fabric, and embroidered fabric. They tailor your desired waistcoat as you want, and their stitching is also amazing and elegant.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a premium-quality waistcoat online, then guess what? You are at the right place because Hussaini Textile has a skilled stitching team, new styles, and amazing fabrics to make waistcoats for men. They give you premium-quality waistcoats for men in Pakistan, and they also sell their products to their customers abroad, like in the USA and Canada.

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