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Piece after piece of space is constantly broken, and when that happens to a certain extent, eventually no matter how the world consciousness is blocked. At that time, the plane was still in a loud noise, and suddenly it broke directly. When the space is already broken, the plane at that time is naturally impossible to survive. As a result, there was no accident. When the whole plane was broken, everything in that plane fell into the space turbulence. Finally, under the sweeping of the space turbulence, everything was destroyed bit by bit. And when the plane was completely broken, Zhou Tian suffered a considerable impact at that time. Although before the action, Zhou Tian planned to achieve such an effect. At the same time, he also did this kind of thing in order to make everything on that plane disappear, but when Zhou Tian really saw the plane broken, a large number of corpse ruins constantly across the eyes, Zhou Tian was still inevitably at that time by a considerable impact. From its own point of view, there is nothing wrong with Zhou Tian's actions at this time. After all, the existence of those replicants was a threat to both him and the creatures of the main plane,Self-closing Shower Valve, and it was entirely appropriate for Zhou Tian to destroy them in this way at this time. However, from Zhou Tian's point of view, no matter how his current behavior should be, it still can not change the fact that it has destroyed hundreds of millions of lives. Do not say that the clone is not a real creature, although the clone is different from the normal creature. But now that they have appeared in the present world, they can still be regarded as a special kind of creature, and now there are more reasons for Zhou Tian's behavior,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, for those creatures and replicators in that plane. But it is still a heinous evil thing. If there were any other choice, how could Zhou Tian be willing to do such a thing. So, although in his heart he has repeatedly reminded himself that there is nothing wrong with his behavior at this time, deep in his heart, Zhou Tian is still inevitably giving birth to some feelings of guilt. As a result, I don't know when to start, but the sense of guilt in Zhou Tian's heart has changed little by little. What's wrong with me? The replicants themselves shouldn't exist in this world. They all deserve to die! I just did what I had to do. Yes, all those replicators should be destroyed. I will not only kill all the replicators on this plane, but also if there are replicators on other planes. I will destroy it when the time comes. After the idea came into being in his heart, there was no feeling of guilt in Zhou Tian's heart. Even if Zhou Tian really found the replicator's whereabouts again in that plane, maybe he would really make a move at that time and destroy that plane directly. Zhou Tian did not find that when he had that idea in his mind. His eyes were already red at that time. If there are other monks, then basically can be seen, now this time of Zhou Tian, push button toilet flush valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, has been unconsciously into the state of the devil. In fact, what the friar fears most is not a strong enemy, but a demon who kills people without blood. In the process of practice. Monks will inevitably do something against their will, although those things usually feel that there is no big problem. But if the time is long, that kind of thing is done more against one's will. Then there will be demons in the heart of the monk. Heart demons are strong and weak, usually will not cause too much impact on the monk himself, even after the heart demons, before its outbreak, the monk himself may not know at that time that he has given birth to the heart demons. However, if the heart demon is not destroyed, then in the practice or breakthrough, the heart demon is also likely to come out at that time to make some trouble for the monks. Because the heart demon is difficult to guard against the reason, generally really encountered that kind of thing, but the friar will also be in trouble. Although there is no specific statistics, but the death of the monks above the demons, but has never been less. Even if Zhou Tian's strength at this time has entered the holy land, but also can not avoid the interference of demons, and want to avoid this situation, there is only one way, that is to become a saint. Only by cutting off the three corpses of the saints can we completely avoid the appearance of their own demons. Undoubtedly, now this time of Zhou Tian is far from that kind of strength, such a situation, now in the face of their own demons, Zhou Tian really does not have too strong resistance. Of course, everything has its two sides, and while the risk is huge, most of them also represent that there must be rich interests hidden behind it. At this time, there is no exception to the situation encountered by Zhou Tian. Although the heart demon is difficult to deal with, even according to the strength of Zhou Tian at this time, if hit, then it is also very difficult to resist. But while the demons are difficult to deal with, they can also bring great benefits to the monks. Generally speaking, if an ordinary monk encounters a demon in his practice, then as long as he holds out to the end, after removing the demon, his realm can be improved immediately, not to mention what kind of height he reaches in an instant, but most of them can break through the realm they were in at that time. Zhou Tian's strength is far stronger than those ordinary monks, but his present situation, in fact, is not much different. In the face of the demons, Zhou Tian did not guard against the situation,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, even if the hands of those magic weapons to a certain extent can avoid the generation of demons, but will also suffer in this matter. If one is not good, maybe it will fall into the hands of the demons at that time. cnkexin.com

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