Understanding Diastema – Gap Between Teeth

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If you carry a gap of more than 0.5mm between any of your teeth, the condition is technically called “Diastema”. It is quite common and can appear both in adults and children. However, the gap gets closed in children when the permanent teeth come out, most of the times. The only good news is that there are no risk factors or health hazards related to diastema. Thus, it is not compulsory to get the same treated. Alternatively, it has a cosmetic drawback, which is visible to others. If you are not happy with your appearance somehow, you can treat diastema by getting in touch with orthodontics in Long Island. There are many treatments available and we will explain it in the following sections:

The causes of Diastema

Apart from being a genetic disorder, diastema can also be caused due to the following reasons:

Gum Disease: In case you missed on taking care of your teeth earlier, the same would have triggered multiple reactions in your jawbone. These diseases can become the cause of the overgrowth of gum tissues, which will eventually create a gap between teeth. Gingival hyperplasia is one of the most common gum diseases leading to tissue overgrowth.

Tooth size & growth disparities

Any kind of abnormal growth of your teeth such as missing teeth and dissimilarity in teeth size due to oversized labial frenum may lead to midline diastema. The frenum is a tissue connecting gum tissue from the inside of the lips. The same surrounds the central incisors, in such cases, periodontists may recommend frenectomy. In this procedure, they cut frenum and reposition it for more flexibility.

Temporary Diastemas

Sometimes the loss of teeth in baby teeth causes temporary diastemas. But we must remember that not all the gaps in teeth remain when a kid grows up. These gaps will go away once the permanent teeth appear.

Orthodontics in Long Island has good solutions to treatment diastemas. Treatments such as Invisalign in Long Island will help you treat those gaps. You need to perceive and understand the symptoms of diastema. Apart from the visible gap between the teeth, there are several other indications of diastema. You might feel that some of your teeth getting loose with some discomfort and pain. The pain might aggravate while eating. It is your oral health and so, you must be careful with what you put in your mouth and also, what is happening with your mouth.

Check for signs such as swollen, receding, tender, bright red, or bleeding gums. You may also come across bad breath sometimes. Reach out to us to treat diastema with Invisalign in Long Island.

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