Types of WiFi Signal Blockers

Types of WiFi Signal Blockers
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16 August 2022


If you want to jam the wireless signals, you should consider purchasing a WiFi signal blocker. These devices interfere with wireless signals, causing interference and disrupting communications. The signals blocked by wifi signal blockers are radio waves that are used to communicate. This way, you can block your own wireless signals and prevent others from using your signal. Here are some examples of the types of WiFi signal blockers:

Portable mobile phone WiFi signal jammer

Nowadays, more people pay attention to their privacy and security. Therefore, it is very important to use a portable mobile phone WiFi signal jammer to protect them. These devices can easily block the signals coming from Bluetooth and WiFi devices. You can choose a base according to the type of signal that you are trying to block. This will allow you to block any wireless signal without much hassle. You can also choose a portable mobile phone WiFi signal jammer with a built-in antenna to block WiFi signals.

These portable jammers are extremely convenient to use. They can be charged in the car or the AC and can work for up to 1.5 hours. The battery life of these devices depends on the frequency of the bands they jam. The portable jammer has a 4.0W NiMH battery and can work for around 1.5 hours before needing a charge. Another benefit is the size. The jammer is small enough to be carried anywhere without disturbing other people. It is highly effective in blocking specific frequency bands. Its cooling system is also quite good.

Self-developed wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal jammer

A Self-developed wall-mounted mobile phone wifi jammer for sale is made of an antenna, RF Amplifier Unit (AMU) and multiplexer. These components work together to generate an electromagnetic wave which blocks phone signals within a 50 meter radius. It can jam all types of phone signals and has a large area coverage. Here are some more specifications about this jammer.

The frequency bands that mobile phones use vary from country to country. In the United States and Canada, the primary band is 1900 MHz, and in rural areas, the 850 MHz band is used. Europeans and Asians tend to use the GSM 900 and 1800 bands. In Asia, local carriers have licensed the 450 MHz frequency for CDMA coverage. The formula below can help you calculate the values required to make a jammer that blocks all cell phone WiFi signals.

High-power desktop WiFi cell phone signal jammer

A high-power desktop WiFi cell phone signal jammer is a powerful tool that can effectively block cell phone signals. This type of signal jammer is ideal for blocking cell phone signals, and the device is easy to move and set up in any fixed position. It has the ability to block all types of mobile signals, including WiFi, GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth. In addition, the powerful device can also interfere with LOJACK GPS signals.

The high-power desktop jammer Eagle can shield a large building from cellular signals and prevent workers from being distracted by their cell phones. It can shield an entire building up to twenty-six meters from the cell tower. This powerful device also blocks the cellular signals in any room or office. While it doesn't block any particular frequency, it can significantly reduce the amount of mobile signals that are transmitted by nearby cell towers.

Newly designed 5G WiFi jammer

With a large number of wireless signals available nowadays, it is necessary to be vigilant about the dangers of cellular phone signals. A new device called 5G wifi jammer has recently been designed to block these signals, making it a viable alternative to cell phones and other types of mobile phone signals. These devices are capable of blocking all the signals of mobile phones, which makes them an excellent choice for ensuring your peace of mind when you are in public places.

A new device called CT-2010HB-5G jammer is designed for public places and is lightweight at eight kilograms. It has a total output power of 48 W, and has 18 different frequency bands. Its range is between 40 and 70 meters, depending on the signal strength in the area. It is also remote-controlled, with a battery life of 90 minutes. It can even jam up to ten channels at the same time, ensuring that no one can get through it.

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