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25 June 2023


Turban which can also called kulla is the most popular headwear in the India, Pakistan and bangladesh and no wedding is complete without this headwear. This fashion came from united India and in the old times the emperors and nawabs of old India and the ministers of India used to wear turbans, But in modern days the pagri or turban has become the fashion for grooms in their weddings or valima.

Kulla has various styles but we will tell you about some styles like :

  • Basic style turban 
  • Rajasthani style kulla
  • Contrass style pagri
  • Aitchison style kulla

Basic style turban:

This basic style Turban isconsists of a normally wrapped decent kulla with the tail in the back, and sometimes people loves broach on the front side of that.

Rajasthani style kulla:

Rajasthani style kulla is one of the most famous styles of pagri. In this style the turban size is bigger than basic one and the tail on the back is also long and wide. Rajasthani style turban came from Rajasthan state India and then it became popular all around the world.

Contrass style pagri:

In this style of pagri, the turban can be normal size or can be big size but the look of the turban is different because in this style we see the contrast patti on the front.

Aitchison style kulla:

This is a whole different style of kulla or turban, in this style, the turban has a little bit of high crown style stiff fabric and its wrapping is way different than the normal style turban. Aitchison style turban is usually used by nawabs and royal families in the Balochistan region in Pakistan but in nowadays it’s become a fashion for grooms also and grooms love to wear aitchison style turban at their wedding receptions.

If you want a well-wrapped turban on high-quality fabric then you are at the very right place. We have ready-to-wear turbans at our store also we make turbans or kullas according to the style you want.

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