Top real estate companies in 2023

Top real estate companies in 2023
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14 February 2023

One of the safest investment options in Pakistan is real estate. Although the country's real estate market is flourishing, land fraud and property fraud sadly happen often. People are therefore very careful while making real estate investments or purchases and look for the top real estate firms in Pakistan. This article will explain 'Top real estate companies in 2023.

Some facts about ‘Top real estate companies in 2023.

No matter if someone is purchasing, renting, developing, or selling a property, real estate is a substantial financial alternative for creating income or profits.

Some points regarding ‘Top real estate companies in 2023.

The most well-known real estate firm in Pakistan,, runs an online marketplace for purchasing, leasing, and selling homes. Since its establishment in 2006, the business has established itself as a reliable provider of real estate data and services in Pakistan. It offers a user-friendly platform and is one of the top real estate companies in Pakistan.

Basic Services

Several topics are covered on, including discovering houses, required properties, plots, residential and commercial developments, rental properties, and communicating with real estate professionals.

 Further, along with these basic services, the business also provides several value-added ones, including property appraisal, mortgage advising, and property management. Moreover, their achievement is truly unique, having completed more than 80 projects.


 The headquarters of is located in Lahore, Pakistan, and there are more offices there.

Main Projects

In the digital real estate market in Pakistan, it connects buyers and sellers. They have also contributed to a number of regional, national, and international initiatives. Moreover, by visiting the website, you may easily receive a simple and useful panel.

Global presence

Additionally, they have sponsored real estate displays and events at the national and international levels.

Pakistan's first online real estate marketplace,, allows you to purchase, sell, and lease real estate. Further, the organization was established in 2015 and is Pakistan's platform for cutting-edge real estate solutions.

Good services

Also, they want to provide consumers with quickly developing services that are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and constantly a step above the competitors.


Grana has a nationwide network of offices and agents in addition to its online platform. Moreover, the business offers a wide range of services, such as real estate sales, rentals, and property management. It is renowned for its large property listings and user-friendly platform.


Additionally, Grana offer a range of services and tools to buyers and sellers, such as market statistics, property listings, and professional services. Furthermore, has created a helpful platform to help people wishing to buy, rent, sell, or invest in real estate. is the one-stop shop for all of your real estate requirements.

In addition, it is a subset of the Imarat Group of Companies.

The Amazon Mall, Imarat Builders Mall, and the mall of Arabia, among other outstanding real estate development projects, are available on

For the best living experience, you can visit Countryside Residencia Rawat.

Al- Safa group

An established leader in Pakistani real estate, Al Safa Group is renowned for its innovative developments, sales, and real estate services. Further, in 2004, the Company was established. Since its founding, the firm has operated on the guiding principles of ethics, quality, and innovation in the real estate sector. Al Safa Group includes Al Safa Marketing and Builders.

Honesty and dedication

They value originality and royalty. Furthermore, their leadership team's expertise, honesty, dedication, and enthusiasm for delivering excellence and a luxury living experience are crucial to their success.

Global presence

Al Safa Group has thus established a solid name both nationally and internationally.


Further, the projects for Alsafa Arcade, Rehman Arcade, and Abdullah Arcade were completed on schedule. Al Barka Heights and the Mall of Korang are other on-going developments.

Agency 21

To alter Pakistan's perspective of real estate, Agency 21 was established in 2016. It has expanded quickly. In the Twin Cities, it has established itself as the top seller. Moreover, the business wants to alter how Pakistanis view the real estate industry. Additionally, they advertise many Twin Cities real estate initiatives.

Good culture

By cultivating a culture of business and honest work ethics, Agency 21 has gained the confidence and peace of mind of its clients. As its network grew to include all major cities, Agency 21 eventually became the first real estate brand in the country for several years in a row.

Competitive position

By offering exceptional client service, understanding, and goal attainment, Agency 21 set itself apart from its rivals.

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Estate Land Marketing

The Twin Cities-based company Estate Land Marketing, which is well-known in the real estate sector and offers marketing services, is growing quickly.

Culture and ethics

 Further, the organization has gained the trust of its clients by keeping a professional corporate culture and adopting an ethical business strategy. Through a commitment to corporate culture, professionalism, and the development of work ethics, Estate Land Marketing has won the hearts of its customers and addressed their worries about satisfaction.

Clients of Estate Land Marketing can take advantage of an investment care package.


Also, they provide their customers with access to a variety of locations, including Nova City, Capital Smart City, Smart City Lahore, and Park View City Lahore.

Star Marketing

One of Pakistan's top real estate marketing firms, Star Marketing, provides real estate developers and builders with cutting-edge marketing ideas and advertising strategies.


In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Nowshera, Larkana, Mardan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Gwadar, and other significant Pakistani cities, Star Marketing has a strong track record in residential and commercial marketing projects.


Further, the main office of Star Marketing is in Karachi, Pakistan, and it also has offices in other significant cities there.

You can check Lahore Smart City Map for better and more affordable investment options.

Sky marketing

One of Islamabad's major real estate firms is Sky Marketing. Usman Alam established the business in 2005, and since then it has grown to be a well-known real estate firm.

Services and projects

Further, the team of sky marketing is known for its devotion to and dedication to its valued clients. Moreover, their qualified team has completed several well-known projects and provided various housing societies for marketing objectives.

Head office

The head office of Sky Marketing is at Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, and Islamabad.

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Zem Builders

Zeeshan A. Qureshi established ZEM Builders 15 years ago to elevate living standards in Pakistan.

To bring luxury living in Pakistan to a new level, Zem Builders was founded 12 years ago. Zeeshan Estate Management & Builders is known as Zem.

Good customer interactions

Moreover, being real estate professionals who successfully manage their interactions with clients and investors helped them achieve their objectives.


The headquarters of ZEM Builders are in Rawalpindi's Bahria Town.

For the best investment options, you can check Nova city Islamabad Commercial Payment Plan.

For Pakistani purchasers of real estate, has established itself as one of the easiest-to-use and fastest property websites.

Online portals

Also, one of the biggest online portals is provided by, which assists customers in enhancing their visual property experiences to help them make better real estate investment selections.

Simplest platform with fast growth

Further, for Pakistani property purchasers, has established itself as one of the simplest and fastest real estate platforms. Ilaan's steady growth has established its reputation as a reliable brand in the sector.


Property listings, market research, and legal counsel are just a few of the services the business provides to buyers, sellers, and renters of real estate.

Sky One Real Estate and builders

In Karachi, Bahria Town is sold by Sky One Real Estate & Builders, an authorized dealer. Sky One Real Estate & Builders is renowned for having an in-depth understanding of the Pakistani real estate market.

Further, they have been providing real estate services for the past 12 years by creating residential and commercial structures in Bahria Town locations all over the country.

Makeen marketing

Makeen Marketing is a recent entrant to the real estate sector and has quickly established itself as a household name in Islamabad. Moreover, the business began operations at the end of 2020, and in just 1.5 years, it has acquired astounding success.

A good guide for investors

Investors can get creative property marketing suggestions from Makeen Marketing. Makeen Marketing provides a wide range of services, including real estate investment management, conventional and digital property marketing, real estate advising, and real estate solution supplier.

Track record

The marketing firm has a spotless track record for both residential and commercial projects, and as a result, it has swiftly become one of Pakistan's top real estate firms. Top Pakistani investors have joined as marketing partners for their integrity, and openness.

A few years earlier, entered the real estate market, and it quickly rose to prominence.


 Since its founding, the firm has been providing the best services in all facets of real estate and producing excellent achievements. Moreover, the organization wants to improve Pakistani real estate and make extraordinary efforts to achieve greatness. Further, the business is operating in Pakistan to identify the gaps in the nation's real estate market and establish itself as one of the reliable property platforms.

Secure and trustable 

Further, realtors and their teams are renowned for their integrity, openness, and safe investment practices.

Some initiatives

AH Tower, Naseem Arcade, DI Khan New City, Tycoon Tower, Mall of Hangu, and other real estate developments are only a few of its many real estate marketing and development initiative

M2 marketing

A reputable real estate firm in Pakistan, M2 marketing is renowned for its great work ethic and creative approaches to property marketing. With the help of Mr. Obaid Baig, the business entered the real estate sector in 2018 and has since worked hard to satisfy its devoted clients.

The real estate firm is based in Blue Area Islamabad and has been collaborating with premier twin cities real estate projects since its founding. Mumtaz City, Kingdom Valley, Nova City, Royal Orchard, Capital Smart City, etc. are a few famous projects.

Sigma properties

One of Pakistan's top sales and marketing companies is Sigma Properties and Mkt (Pvt) Ltd. The business is successfully running in Pakistan and Abu Dhabi.


After establishing a successful real estate business in Abu Dhabi in 2003, Sigma Properties began offering property services there in 2017. Further, the business offers its sales and marketing services to a variety of large-scale developments, including Rudn Enclave, Taj Residencia, Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, and Park View City, among others.

Let’s wrap

Pakistan has a wide range of real estate options, and the nation's real estate sector is growing and spreading its roots. Further, it might be challenging to select the finest option for your requirements with all this outstanding and fast development. Property scams have increased in Pakistan, especially recently. In this article, we have pointed out top-ranking companies. Hopefully, the writing on top real estate companies in 2023 will be helpful for you to make an informed decision.

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