Top Places to visit in Washington, DC

Top Places to visit in Washington, DC
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Have you ever explored Washington, DC? If not yet, you should book your flight tickets to the same destination to see the natural beauty of national museums and monuments. Here is a perfect guide that will familiarize you with the most well-liked locations to explore in the same city. 

Get through the following list to find the exciting places to visit in Washington, DC. 

Washington Monument

One of the most visited locations in Washington, DC, is the Washington Monument, which has been constructed in honor of a famous man. Washington DC, the nation's first president, was honored by its construction, and the city's name was subsequently inspired by his name! An attraction with tales as fascinating as these should be on your travel schedule!

And the great thing about this location is that there is no entry fee for anyone who is going to visit this place. 

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National Cathedral

It is advised to visit the well-known National Cathedral to take in the American metropolis's majestic architecture and vibrant culture. This church, one of the best locations to see in the city, provides a serene, beautiful setting. Thus, even if you're not particularly religious, be sure to visit this location to experience a little happiness.

Remember that you have to pay INR 824 for adults and INR 549 for teenagers to explore this place. Excitedly, children may visit this place for free. Don’t forget to explore this place to make your journey remarkable if you ever book a flight to Washington, DC.

Smithsonian Zoological Park

A sightseeing trip to this excellent Washington, DC, location will bring you closer to the natural world. Here, you will see nearly 400 species in this national zoological park, including pandas, elephants, lions, and more. Observing and spending time with these animals will undoubtedly satisfy your inner nature lover. Coming here is indeed among the top things to do in Washington, DC.

The ideal time to explore this place is between 8 AM to 7 PM without paying the entry fees. 

National Museum Of American History

The National Museum of American History is one of Washington, DC's most significant historical sites, and it will increase your interest in history. You can experience the birth of the country and how it developed into a strong empire by going to this museum!

You don’t need to make any expenses to explore this place, and the times are between 10 AM and 5:30 PM. 

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial has been built to respect Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the U.S. This location is regarded as the greatest and well-known tourist destination in Washington, DC. Though its reflection in the pool gives it a more regal appearance, its architecture is different from what makes it particularly attractive. This memorial is a must-see if you want to begin your journey on a historically significant note! So whenever you visit Washington with your family or friends, remember to visit this majestic place at least once. 

Tidal Basin

To see the most fabulous summertime destinations in Washington, DC, you have to come to the Tidal Basin. It is considered the home to several well-known historical landmarks that offer breathtaking views. In this place, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated, which is well-known. Offering boating as well, it's ideal for leisure and tranquility without a doubt.

National World War Memorial

This location was constructed as a memorial to those who gave their lives in World War II. In addition to its extensive history, it is beautifully designed with a majestic fountain in the middle and several symbols of victory. Therefore, you simply must not miss this location if you have ever been fascinated by the tales of the World War.

Excitedly, you don’t need to spend anything to come to this place. 

International Spy Museum

It is suggested to consider the International Spy Museum at the top of the list of things to do in Washington, DC. You will see the most extensive collection of International artifacts in the museum. Therefore, the International Spy Museum needs to be the first on your list whenever you are coming to explore Washington, DC. No worries, you have to spend money to explore this place. 

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White House

There are several locations to see in Washington, DC, but you cannot miss an attraction like the White House! This pristine white structure, which is rumored to be the president's mansion, has made the entire country and city famous. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to view the whole place; a slight glance will make you feel like a queen or a king. 

To visit this place, you don’t need to spend anything, but remember that the white house only opens on Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

National Museum Of Women In The Arts

The only museum devoted to women's contributions to art, it houses a collection of women's artistic accomplishments. It gives an experience unlike anything other and includes pieces made by women as early as the sixteenth century! There will be a feed for students and adults to visit this place. However, the entry will be free for the senior citizens and kids. If you belong to the same category, you should definitely explore this destination to have fun and capture memories without paying anything.

Potomac River

This is a reminder to explore the Potomac River whenever you are coming to explore Washington, DC. This place serves as the gateway to many of the city’s well-liked attractions. The river provides not only recreational opportunities but also breathtaking views of the surrounding location. It is one of the most incredible spots to go in the winter in Washington, DC, without a doubt to enjoy the most fun possible in the city that appears idyllic.

Excitedly, you don’t need to spend anything to visit this place, so make your plan to explore Washington, DC, instantly. 

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