Top 5 CPM Entertainment Advertising Network -7search ppc

Top 5 CPM Entertainment Advertising Network -7search ppc
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The top ad networks for different verticals are listed in this, the fourth article in a monthly series. For more amazing listings of top-performing ad networks suitable for the kind of website you run, keep coming back. Each vertical and publication are distinct. Choosing the best ad network is a lot of work, and keeping it up-to-date takes even more work, as we can attest from experience.

Here are the top 5 ad networks for your entertainment website. Google Ad Exchange and Adsense have been omitted because they are the most popular and successful choices that can be employed.

1. 7SearchPPC

The advantages of display entertainment advertisements are their good integration and high likelihood of attracting your target audience. Content that users are already looking for is at the heart of native content. We have found that 7SearchPPC is the best in this area and can offer publishers and advertisers the best video ad network. Their buildings are not intrusive and perfectly fit into the beauty of the place.

 The greatest mobile ad network for advertisement may be found with the aid of         7searchppc. If you're looking for revenue streams for websites other than Adsense, check out 7Search PPC.

2. Adblade 

AdBlade is a native advertising solution. Despite having CPMs that are incredibly competitive, it needs at least 100,000 new users each month to sign up. It performs best when positioned towards the bottom of article pages and has a decent engagement rate because of its highly relevant content, which the user is already reading and engaged in.

3. Trion

A trion is a wonderful option for flat CPMs at 100% fill as well as alternative ads like mobile anchors and interstitials if you run a mobile-heavy entertainment website.

Mobile advertising increased in 2014, and this tendency is still present now. Trion is a premier ad network for conducting a complete investigation of your possibilities for mobile advertising.

4. Crave Crave 

provides reputable and trustworthy CPM entertainment advertising network fill rates while focusing on English-speaking countries.  Be prepared to put up with a very subpar user interface despite their performance exceeding this challenge (final numbers are only accessible 15 to 25 days after the end of the month).

5. Gum Gum

We've already emphasized how important it is for you to diversify your revenue streams. Ads that are embedded within an image, like those for Gum Gum, are noticeable and offer appealing CPMs. It is ranked number 5 because of its weak fill rates, but it is ideal for the entertainment vertical and PPC for entertainment apps and websites, especially if your site is image-heavy.


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