Tips to keep your whiteboard clips focused and on-topic

Tips to keep your whiteboard clips focused and on-topic
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30 March 2023

A high-quality whiteboard video can be made quickly and easily. However, when something is missing, or there is too much of something else, the planned video turns out to be less than satisfying. Like when we try making some recipe, the more complex ingredients it has, the more challenging it is to make. And if you use the wrong ingredient, the whole meal will taste off. Like a complex recipe, whiteboard animation has many steps, but when executed properly, it can turn our messages and tales into captivating, amusing, and memorable visual narratives. And even a single mistake can ruin the entire video. Therefore it is necessary to be focused and avoid blunders to create a masterpiece. 

How to make sure your whiteboard video doesn't fall flat

Looking forward to a masterpiece of whiteboard animations, here are some blunders you should remember to avoid while creating. 

Not Sticking to the storyline

The screenplay is the backbone of the film and sets the stage for the entire piece. A compelling and instructive storyline is crucial to the success of any video in terms of delivering its intended message. Keep the video's goal, target demographic, and outcomes in mind as you write the storyline for your whiteboard video. The script should be clear, explaining any complicated ideas in a simple manner so that any viewer can understand them properly. 

Poor Images

Another common error that can ruin the effectiveness of a whiteboard animation movie is ignoring the images. Since whiteboard animation movies include both moving images and sound, it's crucial that both aspects receive equal care. Whiteboard animation videos work best when the images are interesting, simple to understand, and complementary to the music. Make the movie more interesting and memorable by adding some basic sketches, colours, and animations. 

The Unclear Font

An additional blunder that can lower the value of a whiteboard animation movie is poor writing. A whiteboard animation video's writing should be clear and readable. Consider moving to a typeface if you have trouble reading or writing in your own writing. To make the video feel more touching, try using a handwriting font that is designed to appear like real handwriting. 

Excessive Amount of Information

Another frequent pitfall of whiteboard animation is including too much information. It is good to bring creativity to your content and provide more and more information to the viewers. However, adding too much information sometimes ruins the video and makes the viewer bored. Instead, you should focus on the most relevant information and deliver it in a simple, concise way. The audience will be able to remember and grasp the material much more effectively this way. When you create whiteboard cartoon movies, that is less but works as more.

Poor Presentation

Try to make a professional-quality film that flows smoothly; consistency is essential. The video's art style, colour palette, and typefaces should all stay the same from beginning to end. Having errors in your presentation can be very annoying. Avoid this by outlining the precise visual components to be used throughout the film in a style guide or storyboard. This can help maintain a high level of quality and professionalism throughout the film.

Unprofessional Editing

The term "editing" refers to the procedure of assembling the footage into a coherent and interesting whole. Poor editing can ruin your video, no matter how strong your storyline is. Spend enough time editing the movie to make sure it flows easily to prevent this. To save time and ensure a professional result, you should consider video editing tools seriously. A high-quality video edit can do wonders for the total production value and effectiveness.

Not focussing on the timings

The content of a video can suffer if time is not properly allocated. Therefore, it is essential to provide enough time for the audience to absorb the material. The audience will suffer in understanding the video concept if the timing will not be appropriate. You can prevent this by giving careful consideration to the video's rhythm beforehand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the video's audio and visual components are perfectly in rhythm with one another. It's important to give the audience time to process the information presented, so don't rush to the next idea too quickly after giving major points. 

Failing to engage the audience

Your whiteboard video should be amusing and fascinating if you want to keep the audience interested in what they're seeing and learning. To prevent this pitfall, the filmmaker should add comedic or narrative elements, as well as other creative touches, to the film in order to make it more interesting and unforgettable. Add some eye-catching animations and visuals to the movie to make it more appealing to the eye. Make the video more engaging by asking questions or using quizzes to keep the audience engaged. 


A whiteboard cartoon movie allows the creator full freedom in conveying even the most difficult of ideas. Therefore, keep this blog's advice in mind the next time you consider making a whiteboard animation movie for your company, brand, or organisation. 

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