Tips for Organizing and Maintaining a Custom Wardrobe Closet

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Keeping your custom closet clean is one of the best ways to extend its lifespan. Start by removing everything and giving the space a thorough cleaning. Be sure to wipe shelving, hanger rods and other hardware features as well.

Organizing your closet can also add visibility and make it easier to find things. Try file folding for better storage and increased visibility.

1. Keep It Clean

Whether it's a sprawling walk-in closet or a makeshift alternative in your bedroom, a dirty, disorganized closet is a headache. It makes finding clothes in the morning difficult, can cause clothing to be lost, and can even attract insects like moths.

Cleaning your closet is an important part of regular maintenance, so that it stays clean and functional for years to come. Dusting shelving, hanging rods, and the closet floor as well as vacuuming or sweeping and wiping hardware are all key steps to keeping your custom closet clean.

Another important step is establishing an organizational system and sticking to it. Grouping like items together, such as skirts, dresses, or shirts, helps you easily find them in the future. Also, avoid stacking shoes on top of each other to keep them looking good and prevent scuff marks. Use a shoe organizer or divider to help you organize your shoes and boots. And for smaller items, such as scarves and ties, try nesting them inside of each other to save space and to prevent them from becoming tangled.

2. Keep It Organized

Having organized closets will help you get ready faster in the morning, avoid buying duplicate clothes and even come up with new outfit ideas when you’re in a fashion rut. However, it’s easy for closets to become messy again when they’re neglected.

To keep your custom closets looking their best, make a plan for how to use each area and purchase storage solutions to fit your needs, like shelf dividers and drawer organizers. Arrange your shelves to accommodate your shoes, accessories and folded items, and tuck a slim stepladder along the wall so that you can easily put things away without getting sidetracked looking for a certain item.

Another classic organizational technique is to group items like belts, sweaters and long-sleeve shirts together, along with short and long skirts and pants. This will allow you to quickly find what you want to wear in the morning, and it will also prevent your clothes from becoming a jumbled mess when you try to fit them back into their original hangers or spaces.

3. Keep It Beautiful

Organizing strategies that keep your closet fresh and attractive will make getting ready for work or socializing a breeze. For example, place a brightly-colored hanger in each section of your custom closet for a specific type of clothing (button-downs, skirts, dresses) to help you see what gets worn. This will help you get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you no longer wear, which keeps your closet looking neat and tidy.

Also, storing your clothes correctly will help you avoid wrinkles and keep them looking crisp. Save space for the clothing you wear most often in front and center; tuck lesser-used items like rain coats toward the back and on upper shelves.

Consider adding drawers to your custom wardrobe closet design; they look sharp and can store up to 2 times as much as clothes stored on hangers. Adding a catch-all basket for small items like change, hair clips and wads of cash from pants pockets is an added bonus.

4. Keep It Functional

It can be easy to get your closet clean and organized, but you need a system that will work for your wardrobe over the long term. That may mean investing in pull-out tie or belt racks to simplify and speed up your morning routine; a hanging shoe rack that fits your entire collection so you can browse and grab your favorite pair with ease; canvas lined matching baskets on shelving to minimize clutter; shelf dividers to keep items separated; rack tags for each clothing category.

It is also important to sort your clothing by season; you probably won’t wear shorts in January or a heavy sweater in July, and they are just taking up space you could use for current seasonal items. It is also a good idea to create a separate area for your favorite purses, rather than stacking them on shelves and running them into each other (and potentially damaging the handles). Organizing your wardrobe closet will ensure you always have an outfit ready for whatever the day throws at you.

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