Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai

Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai
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25 October 2022

Use these tips for accident prevention to keep yourself safe in the restroom.
A bathroom's smooth, hard surfaces that can instantly become slippery make it one of the most deadly rooms in a house. Thousands of individuals hurt themselves in restroom accidents each year. By using these items in your bathroom, you can save yourself from becoming one of these statistics.


Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai


Water Sprayers

 You can clean and rinse in the shower or tub more carefully if the shower head is adjustable. Another choice that provides you with better control while in the shower is Gettai's extensive selection of handheld shower heads.


Towel Mats

To assist avoid slips and falls, think about putting a slip-resistant mat on the floor of your shower. To avoid slips when entering and exiting the tub or shower, mats should also be used on the exterior. Throw rugs should always be properly fastened to the floor with tape or non-slip strips to prevent them from bunching up and becoming a trip hazard.


Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai


Grip Handles

To avoid slips, solid bars should be fixed to a shower's interior. These bars often come pre-installed in showers with glass doors. To further avoid slip and fall accidents, it is a good idea to place a seat or bench in the shower.


Cabinets and Shelves

Use cabinets to store things like bathroom cleaning supplies securely and out of children's reach. Medicine cabinets, which are often found over the sink, are excellent for keeping cosmetics and medications out of children's reach. Use shower baskets to organize your shampoos and soaps in the tub or shower to avoid trips and falls.


Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai



There should be enough light from light fixtures to illuminate the entire bathroom, including the shower and closet. If your bathroom has windows, make sure that there is enough daylight entering during the day. Install a tiny night light to make trips to the restroom more convenient at night.


Shower Drapes

To assist stop water from spilling out of the shower, use a weighted, plastic shower curtain on the inside of the enclosure. This will lessen the likelihood of water collecting and making the bathroom floor slippery.


Tips for Bathroom Safety - Gettai



Make sure your toilet is both cozy to sit on and high enough so you can easily enter and exit without fumbling for balance.


Wall Decorations

To prevent damage when utilized, make sure wall accessories like towel racks and mirrors are mounted securely.


Bathroom Brush

Numerous microorganisms can grow and reproduce in toilets. Clean your toilet frequently with a germ-killing cleaner and a toilet brush to stop the spread of disease.

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