There's nowhere to run

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03 January 2023

Heluo sighed with emotion: "Tan Daishen, being rendered by you like this, Xiaosheng is heartbroken and can't bear to be reincarnated." "Come on," Su Xiao rolled his eyes, "drink together, maybe we two full level reincarnation together, but also trigger what hidden occupation, look forward to ah look forward to!" "Then he sat down with his hand and sighed." How can there be such a good thing? Heluo sneered. Seeing the two figures at the same time, a flash of light, a sound, the picture is all black. Slowly, a dialog box appeared on their monitors at the same time, asking them to choose their names, races, and assign attribute points. Miraculously, both of them were still grey in their understanding, and Su Xiao was puzzled. Just as I was about to break the pot, the two dialog boxes disappeared, leaving only two bare black screens and two unknown players, staring at each other. Heluo frowned, "Could it be that the result of your and my understanding is higher than the design scope?" "Stuck," Su Xiao pointed to the flashing CPU display light-this thing is desperately flashing,Magnesium Oxide powder, which know Heluo that old model, unexpectedly no problem, Su Xiao epiphany, "no wonder, your old man's heart, liver, spleen and lungs have been changed?" "Because a fatal problem has been found." Heluo sighed sadly. What's the problem? "No matter how big the heart is, it can only hold one person." Someone is holding his forehead in a bright and sad way. Su Xiao blushed and said angrily,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, "I didn't see you break up so well when I was a child. In the past few years in T University, I was obviously polluted by Mahler Gobi!" "Yeah, don't you like it?" "I.." Two people are talking, magical dialog box goes and returns, replaced by two identical multiple choice questions: children, ask you a serious question, do you think the gorgeous nine world online game designer handsome? Handsome/Not Handsome? Here's a tip: If you don't know how to describe it, you can enter what you think is the most appropriate one here. . I heard that she wants to be my wife.". He's not bad, but he's too narrow-minded and overbearing. As soon as Su Xiao opened the chicken feather letter, Zhen Qian wrote a long speech this time: "Surname Su, I heard that you also came to T University, right? Are you interested in meeting me?"? Heard that you this shameless woman is living with my family Heluo, not afraid you know, my name is Zhen Qian, now is the granddaughter-in-law designated by the river grandmother. If you don't want to offend our two families,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, if everyone tears their faces, it will be very unpleasant. Why do you ask for trouble? "A great genius?" Su Xiao glanced at him.

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