The strongest abandons less

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Seemingly knowing that he had never heard of it, Borong went on to say, "Thirty years ago, there were two golden elixir monks. They were very good friends. Although they were both casual practitioners, they were very loyal to each other.". On one occasion, they explored a cave house left by their predecessors and found a'grass returning Dan 'in it. These two people are the golden elixir consummation, 'the grass also Dan' is the necessary thing to two people, moreover is relates to two people whether the promotion yuan Ying's elixir. Unfortunately, there is only one'Cao Huandan ', and only one of them can be promoted to yuan Ying. Even if he knew that he had no problem entering the golden elixir test tablet, he also wanted to know the result of the story and how the'grass returned to the elixir 'was finally distributed. How to distribute it later? Without waiting to be asked, the little monk named Chen Yugen asked first. Bo Rong continues to say: "Those two people are very good friends, want to give 'grass returns Dan' to the other side, but two people neither want.". It's just that the news that they got a'Cao Huandan 'was known by another monk, who was also a nun, who was also a golden elixir, and who knew both of them. Once three people chatted, the topic led to'Cao Huandan 'above. The nun told them that she had a good way to deal with the problem. After looking at it, Borong went on to say, "The two of them asked the nun what to do, but the nun said, 'Cao Huan Dan' is of course for people with better aptitude.". She suggested that if one of them could leave his name on the tablet of the golden elixir first, the'grass returning elixir 'would be given to him. At that time, both of them could not leave their names on the tablet of the golden elixir, but the nun gradually fell in love with one of them. Soon the nun was pregnant, and once the nun and the male nun who practiced with her said that when they left this world in the future,water filling machine, how could their children survive in this cruel realm of cultivation? She told Jindan Friar, who was practicing with her, that at least one of them should be left to take care of their children in the future. She repeatedly asked the male monk to ask his friend to go back to Cao Huandan to be promoted to yuan Ying and stay to cultivate their children. But the male Xiu said that they had made an appointment at the beginning, who could leave his name on the tablet of the golden elixir test first, and who would own the'grass returning to the elixir '. He has not left his name on the Golden Elixir Test Tablet now, so he can't ask for'Cao Huandan '. But the nun kept asking the male nun to try, and if it didn't work, then forget it. "Did he try?" Chen Yugen asked again. Bo Rong nodded, "try, at that time that female nun took male nun to try name tablet square, when that male nun wants to try name.". The nun suddenly took out an elixir and handed it to the male nun, saying that it was an elixir to increase the explosive force. The male nun didn't care at that time, so he took the elixir. Suddenly he interrupted and said, plastic bottle making machine ,Edible oil filling machine, "Is that elixir the'Epiphyllum '?"? If I'm not wrong, the man has left his name after taking this elixir. Borong sighed, nodded again and said, "Yes, that elixir is Epiphyllum Pill. After taking the elixir, the male Xiu felt that his Zhenyuan and Xiu Wei had suddenly doubled. He even left his name on the tablet of the Golden Elixir.". It's just that he just left his name, and the Zhenyuan and Xiuwei that broke out have disappeared. "The name is also worthy of the name, and the epiphyllum is really a flash in the pan." He said sarcastically that he was sure that the purpose of Bo Rong's story was to let himself eat an epiphyllum. Borong nodded and replied, "Yes, the'epiphyllum 'is indeed a flash in the pan. After eating the'epiphyllum', you can more than double your cultivation, truth and even divine consciousness in a very short time." "In the end, everyone was happy. The man left his name on the tablet of the golden elixir. It seems that'Cao Huandan 'belongs to him." Chen Yugen clapped his hands and said. Borong shook his head this time and said, "You're right, 'Cao Huandan' does belong to him, and his friends are very happy.". But his name on the golden elixir test tablet disappeared without a trace within a month, which was totally different from the names left by other golden elixir monks. When his friend learned that his name had disappeared, he was so frightened that he thought something had happened to the man and hurried to find him. Only to find that the man had nothing to do, he quickly asked what was going on. Chen Yugen interjected again, "did he tell the truth?" Borong shook his head and said, "No. He felt that he had taken the elixir before he left his name on the tablet. He was a little ashamed of his friend and said he didn't know.". Later, his friend asked among the monks who saw him trying his name, only to learn that he had taken a temporary burst of elixir, that is to say, he had cheated. His friend was very disappointed when he got the news. What he cares about is not a'grass return Dan ', what he cares about is the loss of a best friend. Later, because of this, he was depressed and unhappy. He was possessed by the devil in a practice and finally lost his body. When the cheating nun learned that his friend had died because of this, he was equally depressed, and finally left all his things to the nun and committed suicide. But the'epiphyllum 'is who refined but spread out, many people have used the'epiphyllum' to try, this Dan has no side effects. But the role of time is also extremely short, only in the test of the monument can be reflected, if it is a battle, simply can not play out the power. The rest of the people were silent when they heard this. Two very good friends should die because of such a misunderstanding, it is not worth it. Borong suddenly looked at him and said, "If you just want to leave your name on the golden elixir tablet, Epiphyllum should be the best choice. Although it's only a month, it's enough for you.". In a month's time, the name of Jindan Test Stele should be able to spread throughout Nan'anzhou. I think when your friend saw your name, he knew it was you. Kui, of course,liquid bottle filling machine, does not need'epiphyllum 'to promote Xiuwei, and then leave his name on the golden elixir test tablet. He believes that although his current strength dare not say that he has entered the top ten, it should be no problem to enter the top three hundred of Nan'anzhou.

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