The Pros and Cons of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

The Pros and Cons of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
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01 February 2023

Drains are the heart of a plumbing system. When drains don’t work properly, they can give rise to serious problems. Effective removal of waste from the house is essential for the proper working of the whole system. But in the process, sometimes, the drains get clogged. 

We have many methods to unblock a drain. One can use a plunger, drain snake, chemical cleaners, or even home remedies. However, one of the most efficient methods is high-pressure drain cleaning. 

It is also called hydro-jetting and it eliminates the clog for good—be it grease, fat, tree root intrusions, or sand deposits. When the other methods have a chance of leaving some residue waste in the drain, hydro-jetting can completely clear the clog. Hence, it can’t disappoint you. 

In this blog post, let’s talk about more advantages and disadvantages of high-pressure drain cleaning for Blocked Drains in Bentleigh

Advantages of Hydro-Jetting

A hydro-jetter consists of a water tank, a high-strength nozzle, a high-pressure hose, and a pressurisation unit. When you connect the hose, the water is sprayed with high pressure into the pipes and clears the block. 

This method of cleaning blocked drains in Bentleigh provides you with many advantages. 

  1. Eliminates Odours

Due to the accumulation of various waste, foul odours are part and parcel of clog situations. Sometimes, the smells are so pungent that they waft throughout the house. 

Drain snakes and plungers also help in removing certain clogs, but these methods don’t remove the bad odours from the drain. You will have to bear with the smell even after the clog is gone.

However, with high-pressure drain cleaning, you can also eliminate the odours effectively. 

  1. Removes All Clogs

Not every clog removal technique will be able to work every type of clog. For example, a plunger cannot remove a clog that occurred by a tree root intrusion. Neither an auger nor a homemade solution can do it. 

However, hydro-jetting works on all types of clogs—tree root intrusions to accumulated waste. The high-pressure water can dissolve blocks, eliminate roots, clear stubborn grease buildup, etc. 

  1. Safe and Eco-friendly

Hydro-jetting is one organic method for cleaning blocked drains in Bentleigh. It is safe for the environment as well as the pipelines. 

Liquid drain cleaners often use harsh chemicals that can enter groundwater and soil. They can also harm the pipelines, creating more problems later on. 

Chemicals used in drain cleaning can irritate the skin and eyes and be harmful if consumed or breathed. Compared to this, hydro-jetting is a secure alternative when carried out by a qualified expert.

  1. Less Invasive

Compared to fixing a drain by digging up a yard to reach a sewage line or removing a wall to replace plumbing lines, high-pressure drain cleaning is far less intrusive. It causes no property damage, and it doesn’t involve heavy machinery, drilling, or digging.

  1. Quick and Efficient

Blockages are removed faster by high-pressure drain cleaning than by any other technique. Snaking Blocked Drains in St. Kilda can take a lot of time and often only makes little holes in the blockage. Besides, this method requires a lot of time to clear a blockage. Hydro jetting clears the whole obstruction quickly. 

Tough blockages in drains and sewage systems can be caused by materials such as sediment, soap residue, lipids, and grease. It is difficult to clear the drains of this heavy muck using conventional methods. A skilled expert can use high-pressure cleaning to clean and unclog drain pipes effectively.

  1. Cost-Effective

The cost-effectiveness of high-pressure drain cleaning makes it superior to other widely used clog-removal techniques. It is because it doesn't call for specialised tools like drilling or chemicals.

Disadvantages of Hydro-Jetting

Although hydro-jetting is a solid technique to remove clogs, it also has a few limitations. 

  1. Not Suitable for Older Pipelines

Some houses with older plumbing systems may be too weak to handle this high-pressure water technique. It can further damage the pipelines. So, when you want to consider hydro-jetting for your blocked drains in Bentleigh, consider the age of your plumbing. 

If you are not sure, take the advice of your plumber. 

  1. Not for Bellied Line Clogs

A bellied line is when a sewer line has a sag or downward bent area. It normally requires a line replacement to fix it. 

So, using hydro-jetting, in this case, is not at all a good idea. 

Final Say

These are the pros and cons of hydro-jetting. When you notice a blocked drain in Bentleigh, first consider the clog size, type, and location. Once you get these down, the further process will become clear to you. 

As a preventive measure, you can also have regular plumbing maintenance by a qualified expert. With this, you can detect problems ahead of time and fix them before they become serious. 

Need help?

Check out Doyle Plumbing Services. It houses many skilled plumbers who specialise in several areas of plumbing, from roof plumbing to blocked drains in Bentleigh.

Also, we hope you take a proactive approach to maintaining your plumbing system. Rather than worry about solutions, take preventative maintenance and rest assured. 

So, tell us, how often do your drains get clogged?

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