The Procedure of Deed Poll Name Change in the UK

The Procedure of Deed Poll Name Change in the UK
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Changing your name in the UK is a straightforward process that can be done for various reasons, such as marriage, divorce, or personal preference. One of the most common methods for legally changing your name is through a deed poll. A deed poll is a legal document that binds an individual to a new name and is recognised by all government and private institutions in the UK. The procedure for changing your name via deed poll begins with drafting the document. The deed poll must state your current name, the new name you wish to adopt, and your intention to abandon the old name. This document must be signed by you and two witnesses who are not related to you. Once signed, the deed poll legally commits you to using your new name for all purposes.

Inform the Relevant Authorities and Organisations of Your Deed Poll Name Change

After executing the deed poll, it is essential to inform all relevant authorities and organisations of your name change. These include HM Passport Office, DVLA, your bank, and your employer. Each organisation typically requires the original deed poll or a certified copy for their records. Individuals may choose to enrol their deed poll at the Royal Courts of Justice. While this step is not mandatory, it can provide an extra layer of authenticity and is often required for changing names on certain official documents, such as passports. Enrolment involves submitting your deed poll to the court along with a small fee.

Changing your name by deed poll in the UK is a simple yet formal process. It ensures that your new name is legally recognised, enabling you to fully embrace your new identity.

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