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But while common sense suggests it would be helpful for jurors to have a copy of the instructions, the judge in the case, juan m. Merchan, was not allowed to give them one. Even with the crowd a little more sparse on thursday, there were still clashes — usually when a trump critic visited the pro-trump side of the park. One anti-trump protester had her sign grabbed and torn up, setting off a shoving match that was broken up by officers. By early afternoon, several people had been escorted from the park by the police, or directed to the side more in keeping with their personal politics. Mr. Burck said a sideshow was appropriate, despite the solemnity of court proceedings involving 34 felonies, because the former president is such a great entertainer — better, he conceded, than even himself. Trump now looking at the jury as each juror is polled to confirm their decision of guilty on all counts.

After a new york city woman's beloved pet dachshund was stolen, she put up flyers in the bronx to try to get it back. No one would ever call you aloof but there are times when you like to be alone with your thoughts and this is one of them. Find a place where you can meditate on the meaning of your life, then come back to it with renewed enthusiasm. I tend to have a larger p-s,” the “kardashians” star said in the latest episode of the reality series.

There's no safe time to look directly at the 2024 solar eclipse in the new york city area because it's outside the path of totality. Dr. Nidhi kumar explains why you need special eclipse glasses to prevent permanent eye damage. Luis gil struck out nine and won his sixth straight start, alex verdugo homered and the yankees bounced back with a victory over the los angeles angels on wednesday night. The cricket world cup is coming to long island starting this weekend, and some tickets are still available. Recent studies have found up to half of adolescents in the u.S. Have engaged in self-harm at least once, often starting between the ages of 12 and 14. We're joined by psychologist dr. Jennifer hartstein, whose practice specializes in treating young people.

One of those buildings could serve to incarcerate the former president and accommodate his secret service protective detail. Protecting mr. Trump in a prison environment would involve keeping him separate from other inmates, as well as screening his food new york city and other personal items, officials said. If he were to be imprisoned, a detail of agents would work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rotating in and out of the facility, several officials said.

The trucking association of new york filed a lawsuit thursday to stop the program. Nearly a year later, mr. Pecker and his publication heard about a former playboy model who had a story to sell about a 10-month affair with mr. Trump starting in 2006. Jurors asked to hear mr. Pecker’s testimony again about a call with mr. Trump about the woman, karen mcdougal. Nor did the requests signal how much longer they would take to issue a verdict in what is most likely the only one of four criminal cases against him that will go to trial before election day.

Walks home from school can be uneventful, but some students in brooklyn get a daily treat thanks to "Star," their dancing crossing guard. Jordan wright, director of nyu's center for counseling and community wellbeing and michelle jeffers, doctoral student in nyu's counseling psychology program join cbs new york to talk about a free counseling service for food and beverage workers in the city. In this case a weapon used by newark, new jersey police ended up at a crime scene 350 miles away, in pittsburgh. The 2024 cricket world cup starts this weekend in nassau county, long island, and officials say the security will be the tightest the county has ever seen.

Three people are in custody in connection with a broad daylight machete attack in times square on thursday, authorities say. Connecticut lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would allow police to use sound cameras to identify noisy cars and send the owners a ticket. Powerful storms made a mess of the morning commute across the region on thursday, knocking out power to thousands.

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