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Emails are a primary way that people communicate worldwide. However, these messages are susceptible to data breaches and message interception.

To keep your emails private, you need to use a secure email service provider. These services will protect your privacy by not storing logs about your online activity.


If you value privacy and security in your email communication, Simple Email is the perfect solution. It provides end-to-end encryption, which means that it is not possible for any third-party to decrypt your message.

This is a critical feature for anyone who sends sensitive or personal messages or files. With identity theft and hackers being commonplace online, a single email-related breach can expose confidential or private information to potential criminals or other users.


For businesses, email can be the most efficient means of communication with employees, customers and vendors alike. With the right software, you can streamline your workflow and improve productivity and customer service.

One of the best aspects of using a cloud-based email solution is the ability to access your data from anywhere. In addition, these solutions offer the aforementioned security features to protect your company's data from unwanted hackers.

A well-designed email system is a must for any business looking to maximize its productivity and profitability. The most effective email management tools will not only enhance the efficiency of your staff, but also reduce their chances of becoming victims of cyber crime. The most effective email solutions will have the most user-friendly interface, robust security features and other technological wizardry to keep your company on the leading edge of the digital economy. With the right software in place, you'll be able to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, decrease customer frustrations, and keep your company running smoothly for years to come.


Whether you are sending sensitive information to a friend or business partner, email can be a risky medium. This is because attackers can use phishing, malware and other attacks to get into email systems.

Thankfully, there are many secure email providers available that can help you protect your privacy and security in your email communication. The most important aspect is end-to-end encryption, so that only you and the recipient can read your messages.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a standard method of encryption used by most secure email services. It is a free and open source encryption tool that uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt emails.

Some secure email providers will also offer two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your account. This is a great option because it will make it harder for someone to break into your account even if they know your password. You can opt for Google authentication apps, SMS, or other two-factor methods to make sure that your emails stay secure.

HIPAA Compliant

Every healthcare organization is subject to HIPAA laws that govern the privacy and security of patient health information (PHI). These rules are in place to protect patients' PHI from being abused or compromised.

Email is one of the most common ways that this information is shared between healthcare professionals and patients. However, it is also a common way for cyberattacks to occur.

To protect your patient’s PHI from being exposed in an email breach, you need to make sure your emails are HIPAA compliant. The most secure way to send PHI is to use an end-to-end encrypted email system that encrypts messages in transit and at rest.

In addition, it is important to work with an email provider that has a signed business associate agreement (BAA). A BAA ensures that the email service is willing to take responsibility for protecting your clients' PHI and will comply with HIPAA regulations.

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