The Merits of Updating the Appearance of Commercial Space

The Merits of Updating the Appearance of Commercial Space
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11 November 2022

Appearances to make a difference in almost every aspect of life. This is especially true of businesses. Unfortunately, people do judge a business by its cover so to speak. If you hire a plumber who comes in a broken-down van with the paint peeling and a broken windshield, are you going to feel confident they will do a good job? Probably not. Now if they came in a freshly painted, undamaged van you’d probably feel better about letting them in your house. The same can be said for property. If customers come to your place of business and the paint is peeling, it leaves a bad impression. Why not contact commercial painters Mississauga like Industry Painting to find out more about how painting can spruce up your property and improve the curb appeal.


Benefits of a Commercial Paint Job

There are multiple reasons how getting a new paint job could benefit your business. Some of the most common are listed below:


  • Rebranding
  • Increase Traffic
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Attract the Right Customers and Tenants
  • Repair Paint and Wall Damage
  • Protect Your Investment
  • Keep the Environment Safe
  • Keep Up with the Competition


How Often Should Commercial Property Be Painted?

While there is no formulaic method to answer this question, there are factors that can help determine the frequency.


  • The Quality of the Paint and Application Method
  • Local Climate
  • Type of Business Activity
  • Paint Colors


Quality of the Paint and Application Method

Obviously if the paint chosen is of the highest quality and the professional who applied it prepares the surface appropriately, the paint will last considerably longer. It is one reason to trust commercial painters Mississauga to do the job.


Local Climate

Any building in direct sunlight will experience paint fade at a faster rate than those buildings in shady environments. Also, damp and moist conditions will cause paint to not only lift from the painted surface but also peel at a faster rate. In climates with excessive heat, paint bubbling can occur. Also, in climates with frequent high winds or storms paint can fade more quickly.


Type of Business Activity

It might seem obvious but it should be noted that the type of business can determine how often paint needs to be applied. For instance, in industrial facilities, with a lot of activity by heavy equipment or various machinery, the painted surfaces can experience more damage than say in an office building.


Paint Colors

When choosing colors, it is important to note that bright, bold colors will tend to fade more quickly and require more frequent restoration. To extend the life of the paint, choose lighter colors. They need less frequent paint applications.


Final Thoughts

When considering commercial repainting, affordability and expertise are key. When looking for an affordable painter Toronto, look no further than Industry Painting. Premium paint, professional tools, and high standards all spell Industry Painting, the best in commercial painting Mississauga. Reach out to us to find out more.

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