The little cat thought so

The kitten has a good temper and will not be angry with people. As long as she is friendly, the kitten will be super friendly. Several girls surrounded the kitten, squatted beside her and touched the kitten's fur, the soft touch was so good that the girls were happy to bend their eyebrows. "So good, Mimi." The little cat's ears were flattened, and with a meow, she let the girls touch her hair. When they finished touching Maomao and wanted to walk towards the bookstore, the kitten immediately stood up and meowed at them with her face up. "Meow, meow!" When the girls heard the cat's meow, they saw the cute little furry cat standing in front of the poster at the entrance of the bookstore. A little cat's paw pointed to the contest on the poster and looked at them with shining eyes. The big game? As long as you buy XXX, you can enter the code into your mobile phone to vote. That's right. The girls studied the poster carefully. They came to the bookstore to buy books. They had bought the magazine before. It was nothing to buy another one. Anyway, they all loved to read these miscellaneous books. The little cat saw that the girls had begun to look at the posters, and the little cat moved her ears, meowed, and jumped up to point to the name of one of the entries. "Meow!" Look, it's written about me! Suddenly, a kitten jumped out of the girls' eyes, and then they saw the name of the kitten. "Fairy Cat Daily"? What is this? The little cat raised its face and meowed loudly. "Meow!"! Meow! It's me! It's me! It's me! My Jiajia wrote me a cat biography, which is super great! The kitten is not shy at all to recommend herself in front of humans and canvass for herself. The whole kitten has a good model. The girls noticed the article and saw that the name should be very cute, so they went into the bookstore and bought a copy. After looking through the magazine, I saw the illustration of the kitten, which was full of a cat-shaped frame, including all kinds of movements of the kitten. The girls looked at the book, then looked at the real cat with warm fur in front of them, and could not help being silent for a while. This kitten is working too hard. They all came out to canvass for themselves. I was meowing all the way, and I thought I was looking for them to play. The girls touched the cat's fur, and the more they looked at the cat, the more surprised they felt. This cat is a little fierce. Obviously, I didn't see the owner around this kitten. This cat didn't come out by itself. And look at the brief introduction of the author of Fairy Cat Daily. The author should still be in junior high school. He is a child and has no special desire to win or lose. It seems that he is satisfied as long as he can enter the final. He probably wants to participate in the next contest. But her cat.. The girls looked down at the kitten who looked up at them. The cat in the author's house had a slightly stronger desire to win or lose. They all came out to canvass in person, and they didn't have the reserve of a biography cat at all. It's quite down to earth. The kitten was still waiting for the reaction of the girls. Seeing that they had read Jiajia's book, she stared at her and did not speak. The cheeky kitten finally felt a little embarrassed and shrank back her hairy paws. Meow.. I, I came out to canvass. However, my Jiajia votes are really too small, no one to help promote, there is no canvassing, so poor. The little cat raised her face and explained to herself. The girls only heard the kitten's meowing, white marble mosaic ,Agate Stone Price, but did not understand what the cat was trying to express, just a little sad. "The kitten, who looks young, talks a lot." "Yes, yes." "It's very lively." Pear White:.. "Meow!" The kitten stepped on the kitten's paws, flattened the cat's ears and went out of the shop to continue canvassing. After the girls laughed in the bookstore for a while, they thought about it and paid more attention to this article. After all, the description they saw in the book was different from the feeling of the real cat they saw in reality. When they saw the little cat just now, they looked at the plots in the book, as if those plots were suddenly alive and vivid. The owner of the bookstore was shocked that the cat could canvass votes. He just gave the cat a ham sausage, but the cat didn't even smell it! Li Bai stayed in front of the shop for a while, and caught many humans here, recommending the fairy cat to them. Anyway, no matter whether these people vote or not in the end, at least they have such an impression in their hearts. It is also a publicity for Jiajia. The little cat thought so, did not see the bookstore owner behind her, secretly picked up the DV, took a short picture. After Pear White stayed here for a while, feeling a little slow, the cat moved its ears, thought for a moment, and then ran to a small alley and meowed loudly. "Meow, meow, meow!" Gradually, the cats came out from all directions, took a look at the kitten over there, hit Hatcher lazily, and walked up to her. Meow? Kitten: "Meow, meow, meow!" The cats here are generally bigger than the kittens, and they look a little cute sitting in the alley at this time. So many cats gathered together, and the leader was a fluffy little cat. The author has something to say: Pear White: Cat Meeting.jpg Chapter 164 I have a fairy cat godmother (34). After lunch, the street was full of wonders. A cat opened its paws and ran to the books and periodicals of various bookstores. It stood at the door of others. When it saw someone coming, it began to recommend a magazine and specially designated a serial. The purpose of canvassing was quite obvious. These cats, including stray cats and small pet cats, are interacting with humans in front of the bookstore, one by one, cold or soft. And the little cat that first appeared, did not know where to get a small cart of canned cat food, followed by a clerk to help her push,Agate Slabs For Sale, around the door of each bookstore, as long as there was a cat, the cat food was put down.

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