The Importance of Standard Check-Ups As We Age

The Importance of Standard Check-Ups As We Age
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30 September 2022

People are living longer because of technological and medical advances. With it comes the prospect of healthy aging. Regular exercise, correct nutrition and avoiding harmful vices are an important part of this, as well as regular health checks. From blood tests to thyroid tests to the terrible endoscopy, staying healthy through frequent and varied checkups has become a requirement.

Why? When it comes to maintaining good health, data is that the best tool we've got. As expectancy increases, so will the danger of developing chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like polygenic disorder, upset and malignancies. In fact, about half of adults over sixty have a minimum of one NCD and a 3rd have a minimum of 2. These diseases will cause a big reduction in quality of life and incapacity.

Perhaps the simplest approach to these diseases is interference and early detection. What does early detection look like? The method differs from person to person based on gender, age, and many alternative factors, however there are some common testing standards. Here are some essential screenings that are necessary as we age and their recommended timeframes. 

The Importance of Standard Check-Ups As We Age

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