The growing trend of Esports: why 2023 is going to be a massive year for Esports

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Youth and digital culture are changing what "playing sports" means and how the sport is defined. The esports industry consists of competitive, tournament-driven video gaming with professional leagues, large audiences, and important sponsors.

With a CAGR of 21.9%, the esports market is anticipated to grow to a value of USD 5.74 billion by 2030. 

Working with esports teams, competitions, and organisations for brands are appealing in large part because of how cross-generational, age-neutral, and gender-neutral it aims to bring together diverse communities that feel underrepresented by traditional sports and is independent of TV companies that buy rights and determine when, where, and how to show content.

Additionally, it is a sector that is experiencing unprecedented disruption, which presents opportunities for brands to forge new bonds and increase their relevance with potential clients.

What is Esports For Business?

Esports is a genre of online gaming competition that is hosted like an event where online gamers from different corners of the world compete with each other. A huge crowd gathers to support the team while they play games and compete with each other in their gaming characters. At most events, they stream the game live. 

The growth of esports during this time has been aided by the popularity and emergence of online streaming services, which are also the most popular way to watch competitions. Twitch, a 2011-founded online streaming service, regularly broadcasts well-known esports events. League of Legends and Dota 2 were the two most-watched video broadcasts on Twitch in 2013, with viewers watching 12 billion minutes of content. Twitch recorded 4.5 million unique international views in one day, with each viewer watching for an average of two hours.

A rise in video game companies embracing the esports potential of their products has coincided with the modern esports boom. Nintendo held Wii Games Summer of 2010 after neglecting and occasionally suppressing the esports scene for many years.

Esports Trends that will make exponential growth 

Global brands, investors, and media organisations are all monitoring the extent to which competitive video games continue to influence popular culture. According to our predictions, esports will actually have 29.6 million monthly viewers in 2022.

The explosions in esports investment and revenue have been fueled in part by the pop-culturization of the sector. The social aspect of live streaming and gaming is a major reason why esports have reached such heights. 

Esports have absolutely exploded in popularity over the past ten years, with massive esports tournaments featuring superstar esports teams and players competing in front of thousands of screaming fans and millions of fans tuning in to watch on live streaming services like Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, or Facebook Gaming, which come in a variety of genres.

Certain esports organisations, like FaZe Clan, are also moving aggressively into areas like merchandise, lending their brands more notoriety than if they’d stuck to esports alone.

  1. Mobile esports

While traditional esports continue to rule, mobile esports are also taking their place in the market. In many parts of the world, mobile equivalents have taken over. Around the world, mobile has attracted millions of esports fans. 

The majority of people in developed and developing markets own smartphones, and since mobile games typically have low specifications, mobile esports are able to thrive. Find a top sports app development company for your projects.

Enhancing 5G technology will improve mobile internet connections and increase the stability and viability of esports. For mobile esports to succeed, there needs to be a strong and reliable internet connection.

  1. Esports betting is the next big thing in sports betting

As a traditional sport, the competitive gaming involved in esports has opened up a whole world of opportunities to bet on esports. 

Although the esports betting market is still developing, it is catching up to the sports betting market in terms of both esports fandom and product development. Sportsbooks are well-versed in football, basketball, and hockey, in contrast to esports, which can seem like a challenging field for a newcomer to navigate. 

There is a need for in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the game due to tournament structures, its popularity, and frequent in-game patches. 

  1. The incredible growth of eSports is primarily driven by 5G.

The growth of significant esports events is one of the most significant opportunities for players competing in the global market. 

These events give attendees the chance to invest in the market, accelerating the growth of the industry even more. Furthermore, thanks to technological advancements in 3D scanning, virtual reality esports leagues, and human facial recognition, market players have the opportunity to continuously improve and change video games for users. Hire game developers in india

The advent of live game streaming and numerous open-source capturing and broadcasting tools has also resulted in a significant increase in the number of hours spent watching game-related video content. 

This is particularly true for games that foster artistic competition and create memorable gameplay moments that are actively shared and viewed by millions of people. Up until recently, Asia had experienced the fastest increase in esports fandom. At the moment, the trend acceleration rate is increasing more quickly in North America and Europe.

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  1. Blockchain Will Become More Prominent in Esports'

Blockchain till now has magnified the potential of any platform. Blockchain in Esports Enhancing fan interaction and experiences by incentivizing engagement.

It provides fresh revenue models through tokenized teams and enhanced loyalty programs. With the help of blockchain technology, new markets are opening up for sports betting and collectibles trading, allowing athletes to use revenue-sharing agreements or loyalty incentives to crowdfund their performances. 


  1. Metaverse Immersion

The ability to immerse oneself in a realistic but unreal and action-packed environment afforded by the metaverse presents a significant business opportunity for both the gaming industry and brands. The development of traditional consoles is starting to ease because this technology is so promising. 

The year 2023 will bring about a significant change in the eSports industry. Tech firms, gamers, spectators, and developers are preparing for what lies ahead. Thanks to the ongoing and unwavering commitment to innovation, the already impressive numbers are anticipated to set new records. 

The gaming and esports communities will produce the first early adopters of metaverse experiences. The social component of gaming is intended to reach entirely new heights in a metaverse. Players will be able to invite one another to meet up and play games in a connected virtual community using virtual environments, creating a setting that is almost exactly like being with your friends in person!


2023 will undoubtedly be a significant year for esports in all of its forms, from consoles to tournaments to mobile games. A number of impressive alliances are anticipated in the sector, bringing cutting-edge features and technological advancements to the gaming industry. We can't wait to watch these events play out because we are just as excited about them as you are!

The gaming industry will flourish like anything in the competitive gaming market. With the aforementioned trends in esports, there will be a huge shift in the personnel who are investing in Esports. Not only is there the metaverse, betting, and 5G, but there are many other perceptions that will bring many opportunities to launch the not-ever-seen platforms and gaming experiences.  

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