The Evolution and Importance of Egg Cartons: A Getaway into the Poultry Crates

The Evolution and Importance of Egg Cartons: A Getaway into the Poultry Crates

Non-what in the world of packaging is as omnipresent and fundamental as the egg carton? This easy-peasy but also very smart innovation has undoubtedly made eggs more current than ever in almost anything, ranging from how they are stored, shipped, and sold. One of the several types of egg boxes on sale in stores lay pulp egg cartons on top those for its sound environmental attributes and practical design. Rather, Poultry Cartons, the company that supplies atmospheric pulp containers, focuses on durable packaging solutions for the poultry industry.

The Long Road of a Carton.

The egg carton is merely a solution that was discovered in order to address the problem. Hundreds of years ago transporting eggs was absolutely a serious business with quite a fair amount of eggs being broken upon their arrival. Time goes by, and everything gets created, "in 1911 Joseph Coyle had to design an egg pack to become an arbiter between the quarrels of the farmer and the hotel owner about the broken eggs". This is where the design of current egg cartons all started and over time a countless number of different improvements had changed them from being just merely protective and simple to use.

Why Pulp Egg Cartons?

Egg pulp carton, made of recycled paperboard, the most desirable packaging because they contain natural materials. These cartons are biodegradable, decomposable, as well as recyclable. Likewise, it is a wise choice in the period where efforts are paid on reducing the environmental impact reach high efficiency.

Poultry Cartons: Introducing the Change

Poultry Cartons has been proud to set itself as a leader of industry in the delivery of exceptional quality pulp egg cartons through production and distribution. The company's main victory is its future-thinking ideas and its investments not only in sustainability but also in innovation.

Key Features of Poultry Cartons: Key Features of Poultry Cartons:

  1. Sustainability: Poultry Cartons manufactures all its products using only recyclable materials, which puts it on the side of environmentally conscious companies.
  2. Quality: The company strongly encourages high-grade production, and each individual carton should be able to guarantee ideal safety of eggs.
  3. Customization: Poultry Cartons carries out design in compliance with the settled branding and special requirements of the clients.
  4. Innovation: We constantly keep investing in R&D, because an up-to-date technology of packing is our top priority. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of the packaging by means of its reduction on its durability and sustainability.


Taking a look at egg cartons, we find that these are an everyday item like one who may often go unnoticed but if we go on to look into them deep enough, we will soon realize that they are the key to the industry and the environment. Consumer demand for premium, eco-friendly egg cartons and the availability of sustainable pulp cartons at the supplier level makes it a great environmental option. Poultry Cartons, alongside other companies, are at the forefront of the move to recycle, reuse and improve materials in the packaging industry that help our planet to grow and the industry to produce safer delivery of poultry. The days capitalizing on fossil fuel has long gone, and consequently, the relevance of such nontrivial technologies cannot be underestimated.

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