The Easy and Fun Way to Stop Smoking in Six Weeks

The Easy and Fun Way to Stop Smoking in Six Weeks
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01 November 2022

Since July 2012, I have quit smoking. I have made numerous attempts to stop. I now believe that every attempt I made to stop counts as a lesson learned. At the conclusion of my essay, there are some further recommendations for beneficial vitamins and over-the-counter drugs. Please with your doctor to determine whether any of my advice would conflict with any existing medications you are taking.

Let's go back to how I made it fun to stop smoking. Here is the breakdown and the way to get rid of everything.

One: You ought to come up with a strategy that works for you. You may need to experiment with your personal tolerance level and symptom relievers to develop that plan the greatest method possible. If you have already attempted to quit cold turkey, fantastic: Every time, take a look and consider: What transpired? It was stress and a sense of lack for me. There are mental land mines in addition to the typical stomach aches, headaches, and awful flu-like problems that the majority of individuals experience within the first week of quitting. Every emotional high appeared to require a smoke to counteract it.

Two: Schedule a day for withdrawal in advance. Choose a day or a portion of a day to abstain from smoking. I already know that I'm going to turn into a bitch, and nobody should approach me. It is a given that. Additionally, I already know that I will want to "snack," and for me, chocolate is a good option.

Three: You should extend these scheduled abstinence periods by a few days around the second or third week. Maybe an entire weekend would be good. Some individuals camp, hike, and spend time in the outdoors without lighting up for around two days.

Four: Start reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day while you are still smoking. Place a rubber band around the carton of smokes after wrapping it in note paper. Every time you take the rubber band off to count the smokes, make a note on the paper.

Five: Up until this point, I've been working slowly, but now my lungs are starting to wake up and want to clean up. If I'm not careful, my productive cough could develop into pneumonia or bronchitis. I discovered that I should always have extra Mucinex or Guaifenesin on hand.

Sixth, start substituting enjoyable activities for the cigarette. This is a fascinating project. I used to hear me saying,

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